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We can officially call the polar blast event finished  (Except for the clean-up).
This has been our most intense weather event ever, with 289 alerts being sent in just 5 days.

Exclusive Alerts Trial a Total Success 

During the 5 days, we sent 61 exclusive alerts. Many were a direct result of information from members.  A huge thank you to the many contributors, especially when the Metservice radar stopped working during a severe thunderstorm after a lightning strike.

One of our exclusive alerts was for very big coastal waves and swells.  We sent alerts 5 days before official warnings. 
Exclusive alerts are created using common sense,  weather models, member contributions and other information .

On site Reports From Members - Another Complete Success 

We can now requested updates from members to get a far better idea of what was happening.   This was so successful it's now an important part of our service, enabling even better service for members.

Time Critical Alerts (TCA)

With rapidly moving thunderstorms we had during the June 2022 polar blast,  Time Critical Alerts were sent to members, giving  5 to 15 minutes heads up that damaging thunderstorms were about to hit.

By monitoring weather radar, and getting member reports from precise locations, we can now tell members when a severe thunderstorms was about to hit. Warnings of 5-15minutes are enough to do a couple of outside things or even tell the kids what's coming.
The TCA's only work using our TXT alerts however. People read Txt immediately but emails not so  (see graph) .  During the damaging thunderstorms and tornadoes we sent over 20 TCAs for all parts of the country.
The graph clearly shows in the first 20 mins, ONLY 27% of people open an email.  Our txt could literally be a life saver .

Facebook and Twitter Unfit For Alerting

Facebook and Twitter don't meet our standards so we no longer send alerts through them.  They can't be customised to an individuals needs.
The recognised standard for alerting these days is Push Alerts. Lert Info is undeniably the most advanced service of it's kind in the world from what we have seen.
 Road Alerts were hugely popular and we saw a heap of new subscribers. Click Here Again, we sent information no one else had including maps that till now weren't possible on our text service.
One such alert was this closure because of a slip . By including the map it was a lot easier to follow detour instructions. We can even include distances.

Customised Personal Emergency alerts www.lert.info

Txt Road alerts www.road.lert.info



Lert Info has been designed to provide safety alerts for the public. It is a private company that gets no Government funding.

It’s arguably NZ’s most comprehensive and advanced alert service.

We have our own Meteorological technician, our own programmers and our own networker who are passionate that you have the best service


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