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0 Covid Shows Up In Napier and Gisborne Wastewater

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Media release

05 November 2021

COVID-19 has recently been detected in wastewater samples taken in Napier and Gisborne.

The wastewater sampling was carried out by ESR between 1 and 3 November, with results returned this afternoon. They could be due to recently recovered cases returning to the region from MIQ who are shedding the virus, transient visitors to the region, or could signal undetected cases in the community.

There are no MIQ facilities, or known COVID-19 cases self-isolating, in Napier or Gisborne. As standard procedure, ESR will carry out further samples in coming days with results expected early next week.

As a prudent measure, anyone in the Hawke’s Bay and East Cape with COVID-19 symptoms – no matter how mild – are asked to please get tested, even if they are vaccinated.

Testing is available by appointment at the following locations across Hawke’s Bay:

  • Napier: 06 650 4000 open 9am-5pm
  • Hastings: 06 281 2644 open 8am-8pm
  • Wairoa: 06 838 8333 open 8.30am-5pm

Central Hawke’s Bay residents should phone your GP or call Healthline: 0800 358 5453.

In Gisborne testing is available this Saturday and Sunday at a drive-through set up at 110 Peel Street from 9am - 5pm, no appointment required.

Additional testing capacity in the area will be stood up, if needed, and details will be available on the Healthpoint website.

Meanwhile, those in the Hawke’s Bay or East Cape regions are reminded to get vaccinated this weekend, if they have not already. Vaccination clinic locations across the region are also available on the Healthpoint website.

So far, vaccination rates in the Hawke’s Bay have remained steady with 85% of residents having received their first dose, and 72% fully vaccinated. In Gisborne, 79% of residents have received their first dose, and 65% are fully vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccination is the number one protection against the virus.

The Ministry is monitoring the situation and will provide further public health advice if, and when, required.


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