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0 Christchurch Covid Situation Update 12pm Thursday 28th Oct

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As you are likely aware, a person travelled by plane from Auckland to CHCH and later infected another person in their house.

The Ministry of Health advises the first person was not scanning every locations they visited and so there will be holes in the record.

New cases COULD pop up if there was an exposure incident at one of these unidentified places. Please scan into every place you visit. This is one of our lines of defence.

Any place that becomes a Place Of Interest  (POI) later, the MOH can contact you directly through the app if you have scanned in. We will also send alerts directly to you from our alert service Lert Info

Fast and thorough action and practices will hopefully stop the CHCH cases spreading, but as the first infected person was  out and about while infected for several days, we will have to watch daily updates of new cases.

Any new cases will show in the next few days .

On Vaccination- it's purely and individuals choice. You can still get Covid with the vaccination but statistics show your are likely to get it much less seriously.

If you're sitting on the fence about getting vaccinated, don't allow yourself to be bullied by either side of the argument. Source information yourself from credible sources, which are on both sides. But ultimately only you can decide for yourself.


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