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0 Covid Update as at 1pm Sunday Aug 22nd

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One of the key announcements today is how infectious the Delta variant is. A person that gets Covid is contagious within 24hrs. Remember that a person may not show signs for several days. This Newshub article  has more information  https://bit.ly/3D6ocIP

So if a person is infectious and doesn’t show symptoms for 3days it may mean they have been spreading it for at least a day. Also it is 2.5 times more infectious that the first strain we had.


Auckland should prepare for a longer lockdown. The Minister did not say how much the period would be extended.

1 million people are now FULLY vaccinated. If you want a vaccination you must book first.-  https://bookmyvaccine.covid19.health.nz/

There are 21 new cases, 20 in Auckland and 1 in Wellington who was already counted yesterday afternoon. There are another 8000 close contacts and these people need to get tested ASAP. Contacting is being carried out but has been made difficult by people not signing in manually or with the tracer app. Testing locations are  at https://www.healthpoint.co.nz/covid-19/

The “Places of Interest “ are now going to be updated every 2hrs. It should be every odd hour on the hour for today. As at 1pm it stands at 276 https://bit.ly/2Xy7Ubs

Registering when you go into business will become mandatory in future, whether by app or manually. Businesses will be responsible for ensuring this.

Just to end, we are sending many alerts, specifically for covid each day. Many are also exclusive. The only way to get these is to register at www.lert.info  Added to your other sources you will be one of the better informed people. There are free and paid options.


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