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0 Southerly Wind Flow Heralds Winter.

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Winter is being heralded with a southerly change today and some snow falls  through to end of Wednesday, then Frosts on Thursday morning.

We sent alerts to subscribers for all this on Monday.

There is another round of cold and snow inclusive weather system coming for Sunday by the looks and we will have initial notifications probably from Wednesday.

You can see on this imagery from Eathnullschool, the temperature is -67deg (green circle). this area is usually over the pole. The bumps of cold air extend to latitude 50 which is about where the red line is on the following map indicating colder air is advancing northwards and periodically closer to NZ from Antarctica.

(Weatherwatch map)

It would pay to check your car is ready for winter, - oil, water, anti freeze, washer fluids, wiper blades.

Emergency Travellers Kit - Have you got a emergency pack with water, snack bars gloves and blanket in your car. his is advised if you're likely to travel in snowy areas over winter.

An essential for information is our alert service. There is a general service here  and a specific Txt Road Alert Service here. Feel free to check them out, they could be what you are looking for.





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