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0 Google To Roll Out An Earthquake Early Warning System in New Zealand

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Google has designed an earthquake early warning system   that it's trialling in New Zealand and Greece, with staggered roll out.

This will work on Android phones and uses a method of detection that we looked at many years ago. It will tell you there is an earthquake coming and how big .


  1. Your phone needs to be charging for sensor to work
  2. Phone has to be on a flat surface for sensor to work
  3. Only for Android
  4. Signal is required.

Our planned service:

  1. Will work on any Lert Info subscriber's phone
  2. You just continue using your phone normally
  3. Will use dedicated sensors
  4. Data will be collected before signal is lost.
  5. We have spoken to Dr Caroline Orchiston at Otago University and generated some interest there.
  6. Will use our proven and operational alert service to warn people.

Release date around 2023 as we need to buy units to prove the concept and then strategically locate about 100-150units around key national locations. 


We'd really be interested in your experience of the Google system as the idea is great but the execution of the system is where the proof of concept will be. We hope it's successful.

It seems that the app will be downloaded on to people's phones automatically by the way the article reads.

Geonet, GNS and Civil Defence reactions will be interesting. They say it will be at least 2-3yrs before they get anything up and running for a variety of reasons. 

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