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0 Back into lockdown for 7days from 6am Feb 28th (Sunday)

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  • Auckland will move to alert level 3 at 6am on Sunday
  • Mask-wearing on planes, trains, on buses and ferries is mandatory.
    A border is being set up around Auckland again. The rules and location of the border will be the same as earlier this month.
  • The rest of the country will move to alert level 2
  • The alert level changes come after the discovery of Case M, a 21-year-old male, the older sibling of a Papatoetoe High School student
  • The mother of Case M has also tested positive for Covid-19, indicating early signs of infection. She will be designated as Case N
  • Genomic sequencing is under way to establish where the latest community case came from
  • The PM says people who were supposed be in isolation, haven't been, and is pleading with people to follow the rules

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