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0 New Symptoms Appearing With Latest Covid Cases in NZ. (Feb 24th)

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Two cases of the UK Covid variant reported in New Zealand – including one of the cases announced last week – have reported muscle aches and lethargy, Ashley Bloomfield said.

Most commonly, Covid-positive cases report respiratory symptoms like a cough and sore throat.

“This is the interesting thing and we have seen this now in the last few cases with this variant, not-typical symptoms,” Bloomfield told TVNZ “I want to alert people to this, that muscle aches and lethargy [can be symptoms of Covid].”

He added: “We saw this in the case in Northland, we’ve seen it out here and even our first case from this school… the young girl who thought her muscle aches were from walking around Mt Taranaki.”

Video TVNZ Interview with Dr Ashley Bloomfield  

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