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0 Two New Covid Cases in Auckland

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There are two new cases associated with the Pullman Hotel in the Auck area

Attached is a full interview  with Min of Health Chris Hipkins .

If you have any of the symptoms and have been to the locations mentioned, please get a check.

If you have no symptoms and have not visited the locations at the time mentioned, you don't need to test. Turning up just puts an unnecessary strain on the testing facilities and you will likely be turned away .                       

Places of interest.

• BBQ King Albany - Jan 15, 5pm-6pm*
• BBQ King Albany - Jan 16, 5pm-6pm*
• BBQ King Albany - Jan 17, 11am-2pm
• Pak n Save Silverdale - Jan 17, 2pm-2.30pm
• BBQ King Albany - Jan 17, 5pm-9pm
• Pak n Save Silverdale - Jan 18, midday-12.30pm
• BBQ King - Albany Jan 18, 12.30pm-3pm
• Caltex Ōrewa - Jan 18, 1pm-1.30pm
• BBQ King Albany - Jan 18, 5pm-9pm
• Pak n Save Silverdale – Jan 21, 1.37pm - 1.53pm*
• ASB Wairau Valley – Jan 21, 2.06pm - 2.09pm*
• New World Ōrewa – Jan 23, 12.30pm - 1.30pm*
• Hickeys Pharmacy Ōrewa - Jan 23, 12.30pm-1.30pm
• Farmers Albany -Jan 24, 11.29am - 12.08pm (updated time)
• Tai Ping Supermarket Albany - Jan 24, midday-1pm
• Pak n Save Silverdale – Jan 25, 2.35pm - 3.02pm*
• DaHua Supermarket Northcote - Jan 26, 12.57pm - 1.45pm *
• Caltex Ōrewa - Jan 25, 2.15pm-2.30pm *

Anyone who visited any of these locations at the times indicated needs to get a covid test

 For alerts if this becomes a "thing" go to www.lert.info  



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