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0 Roads will be affected by snow June 5 to 7

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Some heavy snow falls are expected on the alpine passes this weekend.

Current road alerts for snow.( Road Lert Info  ) 

Arthur's and Porter's passes look likely to close because of the new closing criteria. They will only be open after graded and gritted and can be driven without chains. Chains still need to be carried though. This will reduce incidents of cars getting stuck and needing help which creates delays. This system has been used very successfully on the Lewis Pass.


Road Lert Info sends you real time txt alerts which are often exclusive as we have subscribers that send info only to us. These often reach you sooner than other sources, empowering you to revise your travel plans at an earlier stage.


Milford Sound Road has a planned closure for 6pm Friday 5th




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It’s arguably NZ’s most comprehensive and advanced alert service.

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