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Today ( Wed June 3 ) sees no new Covid cases for

12 successive days.

Dr Ashley Bloomfields Press Conference


This is a testament to the sacrifice we have all made and

the hurt that some are going through. When you look at

other countries especially Sweden and America, our approach

has been better than most.

Businesses and employees are hurting in some areas so

please support local businesses and help those that may

have lost their job.

Some people have been stigmatized because they have

had Covid 19. That is very unfair and shouldn't happen.

The virus is just a virus, it's not like a disease from having

partaken in a less desireable activity.


30,000 random tests were performed to identify any

A-Symptomatic cases. Only 1 was found and that person

is likely to have has contact with overseas travellers, as

they worked at Auckland Airport.

Move to level 1 will see an almost complete relaxing of

contact rules. Stadiums can be FULL however contact

tracing will be essential.

We only need one case to pop up and multiply to 2 or 3 in

a couple of days and we could be back at square 1.






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