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Driving these holidays?
Stay safe, arrive alive!
Here are some tips for holiday driving
Drive within speed limits, and to conditions. 
Avoid overtaking unless you're sure it's safe
If drinking, don't drive if you're beyond the legal limit.
Don't mix alcohol, with illegal drugs or medication that could affect your driving.
  1. Drive refreshed –  tired, ill or stressed drivers
    drive differently.
  2. Plan your journey so you have plenty of time,
  3. Take breaks every two hours on long journeys.
  4. Share driving. You'll appreciate the break.
  5. Have an eye test at least every two years and
    wear glasses or contact lenses if needed.
Phone off or on message service.
Minimise any distractions such as
fiddling with sat nav/GPS, or tuning
the radio while driving.
YES, Its still has to be said, belt up and insist that everyone else in the vehicle does the same, and adjust head restraints.
If travelling with children, ensure you have correctly fitted, appropriate child restraints.

Happy holidays everyone


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