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1 Your Wee's Tell The Story

  • Weather
  • by Stuart Gunn
  • 25-01-2021
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Another couple of hot days, with some places getting more than 8 degrees above normal. Some places will reach 36 degrees maybe more.

Remember to slip, slop, slap, seek shade and very importantly stay hydrated. Start the day with a 1/2 ltre of water onboard and continually drink. Drink small amounts often. When the air is dry you will not notice you're sweating as it evaporates instantly.

If you bend down and upon coming back up you feel dizzy you're probably dehydrated. Your blood is thickening and can't circulate as easily. 

A couple of ways you can tell you're needing fluids
1 You haven't done wees for several hours
2 Your wees are quite dark
3 If your wees are almost clear then you should be OK



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