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  • 0 Volcano on St Vincent Island erupts. Another on Martinique Also getting active

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    Thousands of people flee as volcano erupts on Carribean island   An "explosive" volcano has blanketed the Caribbean island of St Vincent in ash and smoke and forced thousands of people out of their homes. The eruption of La Soufriere Volcano viewed from Rillan Hill on Saint Vincent island. Photo: Zen Punnett/ AFP La Soufrière, which has been dormant for decades, first started showing volcanic activity in December and this surged this week. On Thursday, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves urged more than 16,000 residents in "red zones" to evacuate. The volcano has since spewed dark ash plumes 6km into the air. Ash fall has been recorded as far from the volcano as Argyle International Airport, St Vincent's National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said. The volcano had been dormant since 1979, but in December it started spewing steam and smoke, and making rumbling noises. The first sign that an eruption was imminent came on Thursday evening, when a lava dome was suddenly visible on La Soufrière. An image from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows the eruption of La Soufriere Volcano. Photo: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/ AFP That night, Gonsalves ordered an urgent evacuation of the surrounding area. Just before 9am on Friday local time, seismologists from the University of the West Indies confirmed that an "explosive eruption" was under way. Evacuees were taken to cruise ships and safer parts of the island. Lavern King, a volunteer at shelters on the island, told Reuters news agency: "People are still being evacuated from the red zone, it started yesterday evening and into last night. The place in general is in a frenzy." Later on Friday another explosion was recorded, the UWI Seismic Research Centre tweeted.   Most of the Lesser Antilles islands are part of a long volcanic arc in the Eastern Caribbean. The eruption in 1979 caused more than $100m of damage on the island. The worst eruption on record, in 1902, killed more than 1,000 people. A view over the capital of St Vincent, Kingstown.  Local media have also reported increased activity from Mount Pelee on the island of Martinique, north of St Vincent. - BBC Free alerts for NZ emergencies - www.lert.info

  • 0 March 2021 Newsletter

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    Covid Caution The change of Covid level was a pain, we can all agree on that and a situation we could possibly have been avoided. There are conflicting stories of how communication was handled . Suffice to say, if you feel unwell with any symptoms in the attached picture, isolate and get a test just in case.   The common sense action is to isolate if you have a test, till the test results come back – end of story. Sadly common sense is tricky to find sometimes.     The Kermadec Tsunami event.  Emergency Management Minister Kiri Allen gives press conference after tsunami alert cancelled. Good Debrief Interview with Kiri Allen following Tsunami excitement. From the many media reports we read, evacuations went exceptionally well as a whole. As expected, people understandably evacuated in their cars and as a result caused traffic jams. Not a good look if you’re stuck in one and a tsunami comes.  Best to walk if you can. Wherever you are, stay aware of possible evacuation options.  Our service worked flawlessly but for one image link problem (non critical- now fixed). We have never sent so many Severe level txt alerts before. Speaking of Txts, this was the classic situation when everyone needed to be alerted immediately.  We had many people complaining they got emails up to 1 hour late.  This has absolutely nothing to do with us or our server (Amazon) but the way each and every email is processed.  Solution – get Txts Yes you could say there is the Mobile Alert Service from Civil Defence and the Red Cross Hazard App but they both had significant issues as well. Even some Tsunami sirens didn't activate.  No system is perfect and why including Lert Info makes sense. If you wish to upgrade go to  Login  and select updgrade. If you need help just drop us a line. $2 isn’t much for  far greater safety, just half a cup of coffee a month and few would think twice about that. If you wish to register for our alerts go to www.lert.info   Severe Thunderstorms Again This time Waikato , Coromandel, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay were sent High Level Txt warnings for these.  Severe thunderstorms are unpredictable and we often reference the storm cell of Timaru 2019 which caused massive damage and some injuries and wasn’t even in the forecast.   11,000 cars of were written off by golf ball sized hail.    Please tell us The Timaru thunderstorm showed why the model we use for alerting, is the essential for a top quality alert service.   Individuals reporting directly to us, enabled us warn people 20-50km  ahead of the storm . This input saw 3 high level alerts sent30minutes before Metservice said anything. They are not to blame though, as the radar image gave NO indication of the severity. We dropped them a line. Again – Txt subscribers got information much faster than email only users. You Tube We’re doing a lot more on YouTube now and if you click here you’ll go to our channel, and Welcome to our app will show how our app works. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when we have another video. We will use YouTube more often so we have a more resilient communication ability.  This follows Facebook arrogantly withdrawing services to Australia. We will be able to put together information on videos and send it to you directly from our alert service. Everyone should get the info  as opposed to only 10% with Facebook and it takes hours. App Update Yes,  this is a bit of a teaser but we are really looking forward to this app.  We still have two aspects to complete but they are the two most important parts. One part is sort of working and the other  part has to be built from the ground up because others that use this ingenious technology, guard it very tightly. It could be a month or so. Then on to Beta testing. Following is how alerts will appear on your phone Green is Low level, Yellow is Medium and red is Severe. We also have orange for High.     If you're interest getting alerts  Click Here . You can try the free emails as long as you want. You will also be first in line when the app is released. Till next time, stay safe, stay prepared.  

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    When it comes to personal safety and relevant information, you need and expect alerts as soon as possible, right? The ONLY effective way to get this information to you is with push alerts. The sooner you know, the sooner you can take action for you and our family's safety.   Covid alert sent Wed 26th. Speed is vital here. Most Txt users would have read this in the first 5 mins. Email users may not have read it for several hours. That could have consequences of transmission of the disease if someone is infected. From evacuations and Covid 19 alerts, poisonous food recalls and storms, Lert Info is the only service of it's kind in New Zealand There are differences though in how alerts are delivered. Currently we ONLY use email or Txt. Soon we will have an app.  The difference will be like moving from a Mini to a Rolls Royce  The following images demonstrate the differences of various delivery methods. This shows the time it takes people to open an email.   This show Facebook reach. Potential is 34,313 people. You can see clearly why we don't use Facebook,  it's very unreliable. The FB algorithm determines who sees every post. Thousands of people never see each post (red). It could be you. We use Facebook for non critical information.    Txt has an opening rate of 98% with most people opening them within 5 minutes.  Emails are free, but there is a trade off of when you will read it. We include email alerts as a social service so anyone can have access. But for just $2/mth (a bag of sweets or 1/2 a coffee) you can have the best. To register go to www.lert.info  

  • 0 Why Email is not suitable for Emergency Alerting

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      When we set up Lert Info, it was the NZ's very first dedicated National alert service. We wanted as many people as possible to benefit from our alerts, and the delivery options were free emails or paid Txt. With email though there is a huge tradeoff -  TIME   The above image shows what happens to email.  If a person's life is at risk as with an evacuation  (we sent 3 in 2019) time is of the essence. Getting information late could be fatal.  We use one of the most robust services - AMAZON but that still has delays up to 8hours. With the Edgecumbe evacuations the community only had about 1-2hrs to get out. All Txt subscribers got their alerts immediately. People also read Txts within 8mins but generally don't hurry to read emails. Civil Defence stopped using email but we keep it on as a social service. We often send over 100,000 alerts a day, but scam/spam measures used by servers and businesses now cause major delays, holdups and rejections. Lert Info is NZ's only dedicated Pushed Txt  Alert  provider.  Yes, it's $2 per month but isn't that worth your families safety. Register today at www.lert.info            

  • 0 We still need to contact trace.

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    It's FANTASTIC news that we have zero active cases of Covid 19 in beautiful New Zealand.  However we can't afford to let up completely on being vigilant.   As has been seen other countries you can get spikes. Just compare NZ and American graphs of new cases each day. (John Hopkins University) Below - USA daily new cases Below - NZ Daily New Cases There could be people in New Zealand right now who are asymptomatic (Show no symptoms). These people will circulate as per usual and if infectious, will pass it to someone else. Until someone is diagnosed with Covid we won't know. If you feel unwell - sniffles, cough, loss of taste or other symptoms of Covid, stay home and arrange to see your  doc.  Over the Covid Pandemic Lert Info sent hundreds of Lerts, and kept thousands of people safer with much earlier notice on stuff that could ruin their day. If you too, want to know sooner, register for alerts today.      

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    So, while you're in lockdown, why not go through your emergency kit. We did and found tins that were 3yrs past their use by date and no battery for the torch or radio.   Have heaps of thermal blankets though (for some unknown reason) but then we are in Dunedin. Note to self - need a few more things, nut bars, water in individual bottles of water, and a few other things.   As well as information, we provide emergency alerts. So if you're not registered for our free emergency alerts yet hop to it and Sign Up today . We're here to keep Kiwis Safer    

  • 0 You're information could save lives

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    People expect alerts ASAP, and rightly so. Now you can play a vital role. PROBLEM: Official sources have protocols to follow which can delay information by 45mins or more. We have experienced this first hand. THE FIX: Enable the people to send reports directly to us. SOLUTION: Lert Info Contact Us  form You can be our eyes and ears. Whenever you see something, tell us first, unless it's a Phone 111 situation. Just setup the Contact Us  page on your phone, then all you will have to do is tap the icon fill in the details and press send. We will have your information immediately and will act on it as needed. Follow these three steps 1/ Click the Contact us Link above to get following screen.   2/ Tap your screens hamburger/menu and a similar dropdown should appear as follows. Select "add to homescreen" & give it a name you like. We've used "Lert Info Send Message"         3/ Your screen will now have an icon like the "Lert Info send message" one. 4/ To send us a message all you need do is tap the icon, write the messages and send to us. The first message you send you may need to include your email and phone, sunsequently it should populate automatically.  We will need your location and details. No use to just say there has been a crash. We need basic info - location, road open or closed etc.  Flooding for example - where, status - Just starting, depth.......   You don't need to be a subscriber to contact us, but if you want to get alerts just go to Sign Up We're here to help Kiwis  

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    If you're moving around the country and stopping over at various locations, we can let you know if anything may ruin your time. eg, fire, flooding, road closures etc This is great for any "Motor Homers" . Takes just 15 secs to do at the end of the day or even during the day  if you want, when you're on a long trip. You just add our login to your home screen of your phone. When you want to make a change:   Select 1/ "change Your Area"           2/ Set the region and suburb/town           3/ Submit -Done To register for alerts, if not already , got to www.lert.info  

  • 0 Alerts Are Best When Community Sourced

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    Lert Info is about community and keeping people within those communities safer and better informed.  Although we have hundreds of official sources, the best information comes from YOU,our community. It's faster than most official sources It's incredibly accurate Can be updated in real time We can ask for information in real time during events Enables us to get accurate real time alerts to other members of the Lert community  A classic example was when a major hail storm endangered people from Timaru to Christchurch in December 2019. We issued an alert to subscribers over 30 mins before Metservice issued a severe thunderstorm warning. By getting updates from dozens of people we were then able to forewarn those in line of the storm over the whole day. We were the only service to do so. Fortunately no one was severely injured but thousands of cars needed extensive panel beating and some gutters and roofs were damaged. You can play a crucial part by contacting us on Facebook messenger or emailing info@lert.info.  We can then send alerts to subscribers. ( subscribe for free alerts.) Together we can keep each other safer.    

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    People expect fast, reliable information during emergency event. That's why a huge numer of Kiwis rely on Lert Info every day!   Push alerts are the recognised standard method for alerting. It's immediate and reliable. Do you know Facebook releases posts over several hours and still the majority of our followers never see them. Our social media expert has seen Facebook posts reach fewer people each month because of their changes. Sadly, the exact same thing is happening with posts  Civil Defence, NEMA, Metservice, Councils, and now groups. They are all taking a hammering, and we see that in their figures too. Most of them only reach 5%, possibly 10% of followers.  Luckily we can get up to 30% with facebook.  However our Lerts reach 99% of subscriber immediately. The following chart shows the number of people that DON'T see individual posts. How will you know you missed a post?    YOU WON'T !!   The following chart clarifies why a dedicated alert service is superior for staying informed. You'll also see push alerts much sooner. No use getting an alert AFTER you needed to evacuate or shelter from a severe thunderstorm.   Any delay getting information could be life threatening, hence why we use Push Alerts . We can provide email or Txt alerts but there is a huge trade off between the two - speed and reliability. Email is affected by worldwide security/spam measures employed these days, but Txt never gets affected by these and delivery is instant Lert Info is NZ's only, dedicated, alert service soley focused on keeping you safer It takes just 2mins to register and it could save your life. Join the elite Lert family today.  Click Here    


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