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  • 0 Covid Delta Variant More Transmisable

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     The Delta Variant of Covid is the most contagious and is now the predominant strain in the UK. The number of places the tourist visited has now grown from 4 to 15 Places of interest    Dr Michael Baker explains the Risk of exposure in the Wellington bars visited by the Australian tourist  Newshub story including video www.lert.info for personal, faster alerts

  • 0 What Is Ransomware?

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    Ransomware is one of the most common - and increasing - types of cybercrime. Over the past year, hospitals, police forces, even oil pipelines have fallen victim. If you had a courier parcel arrive late last year, it could have been because transport company Toll was hit twice by ransomware. It can be a simple as a click on a dodgy link and software gets installed on you device or system and stops it from working properly. You will be offered the ability to free your system - for a price. This is extortion. Want to know more, this article is quite enlightening.  Lert Info sends alerts for scams and ransomware  when we are aware of them. We can include you also but you need to register for alerts - www.lert.info  

  • 0 First Wintery Blast of 2021

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    As At 07:42 Tuesday May 18th   Wintery weather is affecting roads earlier than expected.  The South has woken to very low temps, snow and ice.  Various roads are now in alert status, and conditions will get worse over the day with likely road closures.  Watch for Black Ice.   Six alerts had gone out before 7am and based on past snow/wintery events we'd expect another 10 or so over the day, maybe more, for this weather alone. There are two more wintery events expected over the next 7days to May 25th. Set up your own FREE personal real time alerts - www.lert.info and stay far better informed - NZ's most advanced alert service.  

  • 0 Frosts for many SI Locations

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    FROSTS THURSDAY MORN are on the way for many SI locations. Temps from -2 to -5. Map from Weatherwatch Map - purple =frost  Weatherwatch Frost Forecasts   Following the rain, there could be ice patches so drive to conditions.     Do you know we run NZ's only Real Time National Txt Road Alerts - Where ever you are in the North or South Island we can txt alerts to you in real time. For more information Click Here      #Txtalerts #Textalerts #Civildefence #CDEM #Metservice #weatherwatch #flooding #floods #wind #snow #Heavyrain #thunderstorm #alpinepasses #blackice #windchill #roadclosures #frost #ice #NZTA  #Fog #Gales #firewood #roadalerts #wintryconditions #gales  #galeforce #snow #icyroads    

  • 0 Southerly Wind Flow Heralds Winter.

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    Winter is being heralded with a southerly change today and some snow falls  through to end of Wednesday, then Frosts on Thursday morning. We sent alerts to subscribers for all this on Monday. There is another round of cold and snow inclusive weather system coming for Sunday by the looks and we will have initial notifications probably from Wednesday. You can see on this imagery from Eathnullschool, the temperature is -67deg (green circle). this area is usually over the pole. The bumps of cold air extend to latitude 50 which is about where the red line is on the following map indicating colder air is advancing northwards and periodically closer to NZ from Antarctica. (Weatherwatch map) It would pay to check your car is ready for winter, - oil, water, anti freeze, washer fluids, wiper blades. Emergency Travellers Kit - Have you got a emergency pack with water, snack bars gloves and blanket in your car. his is advised if you're likely to travel in snowy areas over winter. An essential for information is our alert service. There is a general service here  and a specific Txt Road Alert Service here. Feel free to check them out, they could be what you are looking for.      

  • 0 Road Snow Expected

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    Issued: 11:33am Monday 10 May 2021 (Metservice)   Lindis Pass (SH8) Valid: 5 hours from 9:00pm Tuesday to 2:00am WednesdayForecast: Snow showers may affect higher parts of he road overnight Tuesday, and 1 to 2cm of snow may settle near the top of road.  Crown Range Road Valid: 8 hours from 6:00pm Tuesday to 2:00am WednesdayForecast: Snow showers are expected from Tuesday evening to the early hours of Wednesday, and 1 to 2cm of snow may settle on the top of the road.  Milford Road (SH94) Valid: 6 hours from 8:00pm Tuesday to 2:00am WednesdayForecast: Snow showers are likely from Tuesday evening to the early hours of Wednesday, and about 1cm of snow may settle on the road near the tunnel. Do you drive commercially? Then you need to know what lies ahead. Road Lert Info  is New Zealand's only National Txt Road Alert service and is here to help. We've helped thousands of drivers make better decisions and avoid long delays and dangerous situations. Join the community now - winter is just around the corner.                

  • 0 Being Prepared: Volcanic Ash Fall

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      New Zealand is vulnerable to Volcanic eruption like the 1995 Ruapehu. The risk of Egmont going in the next 50 years is reasonably high.  This article from GNS Science on  volcanic ash fall  may help : What to do during an ash fall How to clean up an ash fall Protection against ash fall You'll also need good, fast, reliable information to make appropriate decisions. If you're not already registered, Lert Info is NZ's only National Alert Service . - Register for FREE and make them part of your emergency tool kit.  They are recommended by many including management of companies, to help with their daily operations  

  • 0 Exclusive Alerts Increase

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    Lert Info always aims to provide the very best in emergency and general alerts. Two key aspect of a great timeliness and usefulness. Do you know some of our alerts reach you 30- 60mins  faster than other sources.  How is this possible? Subscribers send us information directly, especially localised events like  fires, crashes etc. We find this information very reliable.  Future proofing - Built into our, yet to be released app is a tool for members to message us directly. We find out the location from them  and generate an alert up to 60minutes before any other source.    Example of effectiveness: A car crash was reported to us on  SH1 Waitaki Bridge a couple of years ago. A member  told us the the bridge was blocked. 15 mins later another members advised 1 lane had been cleared. 30mins later another member advised the cars had been moved off the bridge and traffic was moving again .  By the time NZTA sent a closure notice out, the traffic was already flowing again. They sent a cancellation within 5mins. This is no reflection on NZTA at all, it's just that they have protocols to follow and that causes them delays.  We also generate exclusive alerts based on available information and using common sense. The bus strike in Wellington we knew would cause issues. Media initially didn't mention the repercussions, but we immediately sent an alert from Waikanae to Upper Hutt and Wellington. This faster information allows people to plan much better .   If you want an alternate reliable source of information for anything, you can register for our alerts at www.lertinfo.co.nz. We just want you to be better informed    

  • 0 Alpine Fault Rupture Risk Dramatically Increased

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    SOBERING READ. - Great interview   Latest crucial information about Alpine Fault Rupture probability of breaking in the next 47 years has increased from 30% to 75% by 2068.   Fascinating hearing about the earthquake gate.   We attended the AF8 Seminar in Dunedin recently which was also very enlightening.   Important that you find out about the effects likely for your area as each location will be affected differently because of ground structure.   This interview about the 75% risk of rupture by 2068 is a jolt back to reality.     How prepared are you? There will be major breakages of infrastructure. Power for some will be off for weeks. Some silty areas will see liquefaction such as parts of South Dunedin and CHCH.   We suggest you read up on the AF8 scenario at AF8 Website and how it will affect your area.   Lert Info will be here to send alerts as we are in Dunedin which is going to be less impacted. We are assuming and ability to get information out and are currently looking forward to the Starlink network being operation then. Anyone that is one that should be able to get our alerts even though the mobile networks are down.   You can register for all our alerts here  .

  • 0 Earthquake caused tsunami can strike any time

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    New Zealand is vulnerable to tsunami effects from various sources in the Pacific Ring Of Fire.   There will be no warning of the quake that causes these, but depending on the source location there can be anything from 30mins to several hours lead time.   This Timeline  Video illustrates occassions when we have been affected. Sometimes the results is just tidal surges, others have seen small tsunami . Dates we have been affected 1906, 1923 (2), 1946, 1953, 1960 (massive source quake) 1964, 1965, 2001, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012  Lert Info   will be here, when one does occur, to keep you updated in real time just as we did with the recent Kermadec tsunami risk. We have access to many information sources and can get additional information to you that could save your life.


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