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  • 0 Roads Still Closed Following Deluge

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    SOUTH ISLAND - SEVERE WEATHER - UPDATE 8:30AM, MON 19 JUL Contractors have advised that SH65 is going to remain CLOSED until tomorrow, Tuesday 20 July, morning. The SH6 Westport to Murchison and SH63 Renwick to Tophouse sections also remain CLOSED with updates not expected until Monday afternoon.     CLOSED • SH6 Inangahua to Westport - High river levels • SH6 Murchsion to Inangahua - Flooding • SH63 Renwick to Tophouse - Flooding • SH65 O`Sullivans Bridge to Spring Junction - Flooding and slips OPEN WITH CAUTION • SH7 Kaiata to Greymouth - Slip - STOP/GO   For Txt road alerts go HERE   FREE emergency alerts HERE   For further updates please check our interactive Traffic Info Map journeys.nzta.govt.nz/traffic and by visiting MetService metservice.com/warnings/road-snowfall-warnings.

  • 0 Another Cold Period To bring Medium Level Snow

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        Another blast of cold air (not as cold as the last) will bring snow to about 500M in some places and may affect some mountain passes. Winter sure has arrived and this will be the 2nd snow event of note this winter. Please make sure your car is properly operational and you have survival kit in the car if you go travelling. Do you know we have NZ's only national Txt Road alert Service? Check it out at  ROAD ALERTS       Initial alerts will start Monday morning, and we can keep you better informed. If you're not already a member of the Lert Info community, you can subscribe for free HERE   

  • 2 Lert Info July 2021 Newsletter

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      Welcome the July’s Newsletter We have a few  answers to questions so lets jump right in. Getting Lerts Twice For The Same Thing? – Here’s why People on the boundary of two alert (usually weather) will get each alert. One could be a weather warning the other a weather watch. We’re just covering all bases and overlapping by a few Km’s .   Why Do I  Get Lerts That Don’t Seem To Affect Me We have a huge number of people using our service and more people are likely to be affected by an alert. If, for example The Remutaka Hill was closed, this could affect people from Masterton to Paraparaumu to Wellington and the lower Wairarapa.   Our Alerts Often Faster Than Official Alerts. If you tell us of a crash, for example, we can get an alert out to people up 30mins faster than NZTA.  We also think proactively. With the recent Waves on the South Coast of Wellington, we used common sense – looking at tides, Swell height, wind speed, and wind direction. We decided to  issued an alert to residents 45 minutes before authorities. It's about helping people be better prepared, sooner.     Contacting Us Save our “Contact Us “ page - http://bit.ly/2DHL9Fq  on the screen of your device and when you have something to report all you need to do is tap the Icon and you should be immediately able to send a message to us. Difficulties  of Weather Forecasting Multiple factors influence forecasting and we will never make bold statements like “there will be heavy snow in CHCH CBD in 10 days time”. This is not helpful to anyone, is irresponsible and just clickbait.  People believing this may change plans unnecessarily. Our approach – monitor sources and :- 5-10 Days out  - Initial heads up to subscribers that something could happen that is  noteworthy. 3-5 Days out – Providing more refined information , still saying “ It’s not locked in” . Images could now be included of rain maps, snow levels etc. NOTE: If initial weather warning Lerts are sent at this stage, it’s never a good look for what is coming. The Canterbury floods saw actual WARNINGS  go out 3 days prior, it’s usually 1 day prior. We knew then it would be bad. 2 days out  - Models will now align and we can start advising details  and how many alerts we are likely to send. Prediction of 30-50 Lerts is a notable event. We predicted over 50 for the Canterbury floods and ended up with 103. The largest number for any event in our 11yrs, until the Westcoast floods and that was 250 alerts. We had 11 exclusive alerts no one else has as well. 1 day out - Warning Lerts will have gone out by now and will be a combination of information from Metservice, Weatherwatch, Windy.Com, BSCH maps, Earthnullschool and other sources.  We never use media information as they often exaggerate.  Our own Met Tech’s  knowledge of weather and the NZ topography is also included. Impacts can also be advised like rapid river rise, slip risks, predicted road closures etc. With the Canterbury event, flooding had to happen because of the wind direction, mountains, drought soils and other factors. It was the perfect setup . For the West Coast event we also advised people before anyone else, that there may be issues with some Canterbury rivers as Metservice was talking about 200mm of rain 20kms East of the divide. Again, common sense to advise people and they can take it or leave it. In this case the Waimakariri River rose significantly. Are Your Emails Too Slow?  Email only subscribers are still  saying their emails are arriving up to 30mins late. This is the trade off of emails versus Txt. We have no control once we send an email and why we always recommend Txt if you want the fastest delivery. Upgrade HERE  In a full on emergency like Tsunami, evacuation, fire, Flooding, speed of getting Lerts is paramount. The fastest way by far is our Txt Service. The price of $2 per month, is cheaper just one  ½  cup of coffee per month which few people think twice about.   We achieve Txt delivery to  99% of subscribers, in real time . Of the last 3000 Txt alerts we have sent, only 3 failed. Few services using Txt push alerts achieve this. Feel free to share this newsletter with others. Many people still haven't heard of us and we're here to help and save live.  www.lert.info     

  • 0 Levin Water Available

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      Water available in Levin IF need help ph (06) 366-0574 Src Neighborhood support group Horowhenua

  • 0 Central Otago Road report

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    QLDC Winter Road Report - 29 June 2021 Ata mārie, good morning Queenstown Lakes,  Straight into the serious stuff this morning: - If you don’t need to drive please don’t.  - There is snow across the Whakatipu basin and the driving conditions are extreme. - The Crown Range remains closed, we expect to have an update for you at 8am. - The Orbus bus service has been suspended. Check their FB page for updates @OrbusQT - Temperatures are dropping.  - Over in Wanaka we also have snow and wet roads. Lake Hāwea to Haast is closed.  You know it's serious when I'm using bullet points.  Grit trucks are going flat out trying to keep on top of things.  Across the region, the crews are still ploughing snow on SH 8 Alexandra to Roxburgh (closed) and Lindis Pass (closed). A grader is heading towards Haast Pass (also closed), and ploughs are heading towards Ranfurly too.  NZTA has also put out a snow and ice warning for SH 6 Cromwell to Gibbston (Kawarau Gorge).  Please reconsider your travel. If you must drive today, here's the deal: snow chains, go slow, keep a safe following distance.  For those with school-age children, keep an eye out for communication from your child's school.  We're expecting more roading updates throughout the morning, and we will be posting the latest information on our council FB page.  For regional updates check out NZTA www.journeys.nzta.govt.nz/traffic/  Please also note, our roading crew vehicles are affected by these conditions too, and driver safety is paramount. Know that they are working as quickly as they safely can.  If you do come across problems (that are not mentioned above) please call them in on 03 441 0499.  In an emergency, always dial 111.   That's it for now. As Marty put it in simple words: "winter's here".  If you can, sit it out and stay home until the conditions improve.  Go make a snowman.  Stay safe.  Tash      QUEENSTOWN – WĀNAKA ROUTE (THE CROWN RANGE)Skifield access to Cardrona & Snow Farm CROWN RANGE ROAD - Closed. Snow. Update expected at 8am. CARDRONA–WĀNAKA -  Open.  Snow. Chains to be carried CARDRONA SKIFIELD ROAD - Cardrona online report   ​WAKATIPU MAIN ROUTES KAWARAU GORGE (SH6) - Open.  Snow. Chains to be carried. GIBBSTON – FRANKTON (SH6) - Open.  Snow. Chains to be carried. KINGSTON–FRANKTON (SH6) - Open.  Snow. Chains to be carried. REMARKABLES SKIFIELD ACCESS ROAD - Remarkables online report FRANKTON ROAD (SH6A) - Open.  Winter conditions. Drive with care.    ARROWTOWN–QUEENSTOWN BACK ROUTECoronet Peak Skifield access MALAGHANS RD - Open.  Snow. Chains to be carried ARTHURS POINT – QUEENSTOWN - Open.  Snow. Chains to be carried CORONET PEAK RD - Coronet Peak online report GLENORCHY–QUEENSTOWN - Open.  Snow. Chains to be carried FERNHILL–QUEENSTOWN - Open.  Snow. Chains to be carried KELVIN HEIGHTS–FRANKTON - Open.  Snow. Chains to be carried WĀNAKA MAIN ROUTES WĀNAKA - CROMWELL (SH 6 & 84) - Open.  Ice likely. Chains to be carried. MOUNT ASPIRING RD - Open.  Snow. Chains to be carried TREBLE CONE SKIFIELD ACCESS ROAD - Treble Cone online report WĀNAKA – MAKARORA (SH6) - Closed.  Snow.    OTHER TOURIST ROUTES MAKARORA – HAAST (SH 6) - Closed.  Snow.  CROMWELL – ALEXANDRA (SH 8) - Open. Ice likely. Chains to be carried.  ALEXANDRA – RAES JUNCTION (SH 8) - Closed.  Snow.  ALEXANDRA – RANFURLY (SH 85) - Closed.  Snow.  LINDIS PASS (SH 8) Between Tarras and Omarama - Closed.  Snow.  MILFORD ROAD (SH94) - NZTA online traffic info  

  • 0 Polar Blast Approaching At 100kph

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    Polar Blast Racing In At 100kph   The Approximate distance from the Ice shelf to Dunedin is about 2400km and the approaching polar blast travels that in just 24hrs. Hope you have the wood in for your fires. Wind and cold will create wind chills down to -4degrees in some places.   Chris Noble - Metservice "Oooh, might be a bit chilly late Monday! This is a 3-day back trajectory for air arriving near Dunedin midnight Monday. Starts over Antarctica at midnight last night, taking just 24 hours from the ice edge to NZ! (points 6 hourly, midnight in yellow, GFS model)"   For faster information via Push Alerts - register for free HERE       

  • 0 Snow Looking Likely to Cause Problems

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    Winter is arriving in style on Monday and we can expect a few issues looking at the GFS animation from "Windy" We're expecting quite a few alerts for road closures, wind chill, crashes. This video shows how it unfolds.   The coldest temps will be in the afternoon with lots of -ve temps between 3pm and 6pm. If you want to be in the better informed group, then register for our free alerts at HERE  These alerts are not controlled by Facebook and 99% of them always get through. This chart shows how poor the Facebook distribution is . Join now before you need us, and stay safer. www.lert.info  

  • 1 Polar Blast Starting To Get Locked In

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          As we approach Sunday, details of the snow event shows it to be the most significant for a couple of years.  Farmers - you can expect wind chill with winds at 30-40kph in some places and temps around 3-5degrees. At this stage we see many roads being affected especially the mountain passes. If you're travelling these roads take chains and know how to fit them. Check out our Txt Road alert    Charge your devices in case of power cut, get wood in for fires, check you  have enough food as you may be stuck for a day or so in some locations.  Clear overhanging branches from power lines as snow is heavy and will snap branches. If you're not already getting our emergency alerts, now would be a good time to register. These are customised, real time alerts, many of which are exclusive to Lert Info. Register HERE  

  • 0 Covid Update 9am Wednesday 23rd June

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    Alert Sent 9am For real time alerts - www.lert.info  Latest information the Covid visitor from Australia. Four close contacts confirmed in Wellington after Covid case travelled from Sydney Please use your Covid App  8:30 video update from Dr Ashley Bloomfield     Places of Interest link Watch for any symptoms similar to a cold and get tested if you have any and especially if you visited a place of interest    

  • 0 Snow Looking More Likely to Lower Levels

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    Snow fall to lower levels is now looking reasonably likely with different models forecasting it. We sent the first heads up for it on Tuesday to subscribers. www.lert.info  for your own real time alerts. The Rain and temp maps are 3-6pm Monday and already temps are in  the minus 4to 6 range.  


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