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    Covid Caution The change of Covid level was a pain, we can all agree on that and a situation we could possibly have been avoided. There are conflicting stories of how communication was handled . Suffice to say, if you feel unwell with any symptoms in the attached picture, isolate and get a test just in case.   The common sense action is to isolate if you have a test, till the test results come back – end of story. Sadly common sense is tricky to find sometimes.     The Kermadec Tsunami event.  Emergency Management Minister Kiri Allen gives press conference after tsunami alert cancelled. Good Debrief Interview with Kiri Allen following Tsunami excitement. From the many media reports we read, evacuations went exceptionally well as a whole. As expected, people understandably evacuated in their cars and as a result caused traffic jams. Not a good look if you’re stuck in one and a tsunami comes.  Best to walk if you can. Wherever you are, stay aware of possible evacuation options.  Our service worked flawlessly but for one image link problem (non critical- now fixed). We have never sent so many Severe level txt alerts before. Speaking of Txts, this was the classic situation when everyone needed to be alerted immediately.  We had many people complaining they got emails up to 1 hour late.  This has absolutely nothing to do with us or our server (Amazon) but the way each and every email is processed.  Solution – get Txts Yes you could say there is the Mobile Alert Service from Civil Defence and the Red Cross Hazard App but they both had significant issues as well. Even some Tsunami sirens didn't activate.  No system is perfect and why including Lert Info makes sense. If you wish to upgrade go to  Login  and select updgrade. If you need help just drop us a line. $2 isn’t much for  far greater safety, just half a cup of coffee a month and few would think twice about that. If you wish to register for our alerts go to www.lert.info   Severe Thunderstorms Again This time Waikato , Coromandel, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay were sent High Level Txt warnings for these.  Severe thunderstorms are unpredictable and we often reference the storm cell of Timaru 2019 which caused massive damage and some injuries and wasn’t even in the forecast.   11,000 cars of were written off by golf ball sized hail.    Please tell us The Timaru thunderstorm showed why the model we use for alerting, is the essential for a top quality alert service.   Individuals reporting directly to us, enabled us warn people 20-50km  ahead of the storm . This input saw 3 high level alerts sent30minutes before Metservice said anything. They are not to blame though, as the radar image gave NO indication of the severity. We dropped them a line. Again – Txt subscribers got information much faster than email only users. You Tube We’re doing a lot more on YouTube now and if you click here you’ll go to our channel, and Welcome to our app will show how our app works. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when we have another video. We will use YouTube more often so we have a more resilient communication ability.  This follows Facebook arrogantly withdrawing services to Australia. We will be able to put together information on videos and send it to you directly from our alert service. Everyone should get the info  as opposed to only 10% with Facebook and it takes hours. App Update Yes,  this is a bit of a teaser but we are really looking forward to this app.  We still have two aspects to complete but they are the two most important parts. One part is sort of working and the other  part has to be built from the ground up because others that use this ingenious technology, guard it very tightly. It could be a month or so. Then on to Beta testing. Following is how alerts will appear on your phone Green is Low level, Yellow is Medium and red is Severe. We also have orange for High.     If you're interest getting alerts  Click Here . You can try the free emails as long as you want. You will also be first in line when the app is released. Till next time, stay safe, stay prepared.  

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    Much of the North Island will experience Thunderstorm at some part of today. These maps indicate the likelihood. They indicate the air's instability and the larger the number the more unstable the air is. This is when you see those billowy tall clouds. Severe Thunderstorm warnings can be issued at a moment's notice. They can be very destructive, but we can alert you to their presence  if you're set up for our alerts at www.lert.info    We have already sent the first Severe Thunderstorm watches The -5 number doesn't often appear in NZ so could be an interesting day    

  • 0 Back into lockdown for 7days from 6am Feb 28th (Sunday)

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    Auckland will move to alert level 3 at 6am on Sunday Mask-wearing on planes, trains, on buses and ferries is mandatory.A border is being set up around Auckland again. The rules and location of the border will be the same as earlier this month. The rest of the country will move to alert level 2 The alert level changes come after the discovery of Case M, a 21-year-old male, the older sibling of a Papatoetoe High School student The mother of Case M has also tested positive for Covid-19, indicating early signs of infection. She will be designated as Case N Genomic sequencing is under way to establish where the latest community case came from The PM says people who were supposed be in isolation, haven't been, and is pleading with people to follow the rules Click - Stuff news article  for more details. Other useful links: Covid Testing places Places of interest Alert Level Rules Set up your  FREE personal alerts and stay better informed, plus get alerts for other things that may affect you. Goto www.lert.info  

  • 0 New Symptoms Appearing With Latest Covid Cases in NZ. (Feb 24th)

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    Two cases of the UK Covid variant reported in New Zealand – including one of the cases announced last week – have reported muscle aches and lethargy, Ashley Bloomfield said. Most commonly, Covid-positive cases report respiratory symptoms like a cough and sore throat. “This is the interesting thing and we have seen this now in the last few cases with this variant, not-typical symptoms,” Bloomfield told TVNZ “I want to alert people to this, that muscle aches and lethargy [can be symptoms of Covid].” He added: “We saw this in the case in Northland, we’ve seen it out here and even our first case from this school… the young girl who thought her muscle aches were from walking around Mt Taranaki.” Video -  TVNZ Interview with Dr Ashley Bloomfield   For Covid and over 20 other types of alerts register at www.lert.info  

  • 0 Covid 19 Level changes February 14 Covid update

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    The Prime Minister has announced tonight, as of midnight Sunday 14th alert levels change as follows. Auckland will go to Level 3 and the rest of New Zealand to Level 2 A reminder of the levels is HERE   Auckland people essentially need to stay home and in their bubbles and work from home unless it's not possible. Maintain physical distancing. Face coverings should be used outside your home. Anyone that is experiencing cold or flu symptoms should get tested HERE. A border will be put in place for Auckland similar to last time. Rest of New Zealand - Businesses and schools operate as normal but need to record visitors, and maintain physical distancing. Compulsory mask wearing on public transport. Mass gatherings limited to 100people. Remind people to scan in using the Covid app. If you are well and not been to any of the PLACES OF INTEREST  there is no need to get tested. The One News Press Conference is HERE    These levels will run till midnight Wednesday will be reviewed every 24hrs Remember to sign up for free alerts at www.lert.info   This is NZ's most advanced alert service available Ends:  

  • 0 Two New Covid Cases in Auckland

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      There are two new cases associated with the Pullman Hotel in the Auck area Attached is a full interview  with Min of Health Chris Hipkins . If you have any of the symptoms and have been to the locations mentioned, please get a check. If you have no symptoms and have not visited the locations at the time mentioned, you don't need to test. Turning up just puts an unnecessary strain on the testing facilities and you will likely be turned away .                        Places of interest. • BBQ King Albany - Jan 15, 5pm-6pm* • BBQ King Albany - Jan 16, 5pm-6pm* • BBQ King Albany - Jan 17, 11am-2pm • Pak n Save Silverdale - Jan 17, 2pm-2.30pm • BBQ King Albany - Jan 17, 5pm-9pm • Pak n Save Silverdale - Jan 18, midday-12.30pm • BBQ King - Albany Jan 18, 12.30pm-3pm • Caltex Ōrewa - Jan 18, 1pm-1.30pm • BBQ King Albany - Jan 18, 5pm-9pm • Pak n Save Silverdale – Jan 21, 1.37pm - 1.53pm* • ASB Wairau Valley – Jan 21, 2.06pm - 2.09pm* • New World Ōrewa – Jan 23, 12.30pm - 1.30pm* • Hickeys Pharmacy Ōrewa - Jan 23, 12.30pm-1.30pm • Farmers Albany -Jan 24, 11.29am - 12.08pm (updated time) • Tai Ping Supermarket Albany - Jan 24, midday-1pm • Pak n Save Silverdale – Jan 25, 2.35pm - 3.02pm* • DaHua Supermarket Northcote - Jan 26, 12.57pm - 1.45pm * • Caltex Ōrewa - Jan 25, 2.15pm-2.30pm * Anyone who visited any of these locations at the times indicated needs to get a covid test  For alerts if this becomes a "thing" go to www.lert.info   Ends

  • 1 Your Wee's Tell The Story

    • Weather
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 25-01-2021
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    Another couple of hot days, with some places getting more than 8 degrees above normal. Some places will reach 36 degrees maybe more. Remember to slip, slop, slap, seek shade and very importantly stay hydrated. Start the day with a 1/2 ltre of water onboard and continually drink. Drink small amounts often. When the air is dry you will not notice you're sweating as it evaporates instantly. If you bend down and upon coming back up you feel dizzy you're probably dehydrated. Your blood is thickening and can't circulate as easily.  A couple of ways you can tell you're needing fluids1 You haven't done wees for several hours2 Your wees are quite dark3 If your wees are almost clear then you should be OK  

  • 0 Overnight SH2 Remutaka Hill Road Closure

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    Upcoming night closures The next scheduled 5-night closure for Remutaka Hill road is from 9pm Sunday 17 January to 4am Friday 22 January 2021. This 5-night closure is the third in a series of closures for the year 2020/2021 that enable our road crews to safely undertake essential maintenance and slip prevention works.The maintenance works will ensure the road is in good condition, and the slip prevention works will improve accessibility by reducing the risk of falling rocks and debris on to the road, for the safety of all road users.

  • 0 Being Emergency Prepared for the Holidays

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     This excellent guide from CDEM Otago, could make getting through an emergency situation at your place much easier. It just takes a little planning. The first thing you should have is a variety of sources of information that comes to you and you don't have to waste time chasing the internet. Lert Info is New Zealand's ONLY dedicated alert service and sends over 20 different types of alerts   which makes it NZ's only complete and most advanced service . (Sends all types of alerts.) Also include the Hazard app and of course the Mobile Alert Service.  Sadly Facebook is no longer reliable for alerting. Messenger can be very useful though.  The charts show the Facebook weakness of it's delivery. There is a good chance you will miss posts. Prepare your home You can help reduce the effects of disaster on you and your property by taking the following actions:    Securing heavy items of furniture to the floor or wall Store loose items (dinnerware, crockery, and kitchenware) securely Removing or securing objects that may fall and cause damage such as wardrobes, bookcases, appliances or ornaments Store household products and chemicals safely to reduce risk of spillage Get a builder to check the structural soundness of your home If you see signs of ground movement get the grounds checked by a civil engineer When the power goes out remember - Fridge first Plan to use fresh food first then refrigerated and frozen foods. Use tinned and dry foods last Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to maintain the cold temperature. The refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours if it is unopened. A full freezer will keep the temperature for approximately 48 hours (24 hours if it is half full) if the door remains closed. How do you know if it is safe to eat?  Once food reaches the temperature of 5 degrees Celsius or above for more than 2 hours it greatly increases the risk of growth by microorganisms that can cause illness.  Do not use frozen food that has thawed or refrigerated food that has warmed up.  The only exceptions to this are butter/margarine, hard cheeses, raw eggs (still in eggshells), fruit and vegetables.  The rule of thumb is “if in doubt, throw it out”.   Frozen meat and fish Still contains ice crystals.  Kept under 5 degrees C Thawed, held above 5 degrees C for over 2 hours Meat Refreeze or immediately use Throw out Chicken  Refreeze or immediately use Throw out Casseroles, stews, soups, pizza, sausage rolls Refreeze or immediately use Throw out Fish or shellfish   Refreeze or immediately use Throw out     Frozen dairy products Still contains ice crystals.  Kept under 5 degrees C Thawed, held above 5 degrees C for over 2 hours Ice cream Throw out Throw out Frozen yoghurt Throw out Throw out Milk Refreeze or immediately use Throw out     Frozen baked products Still contains ice crystals.  Kept under 5 degrees C Thawed, held above 5 degrees C for over 2 hours Bread Refreeze or use Throw out if above 10 degrees C for over 8 hours Muffins and cakes (no custard filling)   Refreeze or use Throw out if above 10 degrees C for over 8 hours Cakes, pies, pastries with custard filling, cheesecake Refreeze or immediately use Throw out     Frozen fruit and vegetables Still contains ice crystals.  Kept under 5 degrees C Thawed, held above 5 degrees C for over 2 hours Fruit Refreeze or use Refreeze.  Throw out if mould, yeasty smell or sliminess develops. Vegetables Refreeze or use Throw out if above 10 degrees C for over 8 hours   Plan for your pets Pets are members of our families too so don't forget to prepare for them. Here are some tips to ensure you'll be able to look after your pets during an emergency. Arrange for a neighbour to check on your pets in case an emergency situation occurs when you are not home Keep pet tags up to date Consider having your pets micro chipped. This will make it easier to trace them if they go missing Include your pets in your emergency plan. Basic pet supplies to keep in your Getaway Kit should include leashes, food, and safe drinking water for at least 3 days. Blankets and a carry case for each animal with your contact details attached.   www.lert.info    

  • 0 Major southern ocean storm bringing gales, cold and snow

    • Weather
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 23-09-2020
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    South Islanders: Snow and wind chill alerts as spring storm dredges up Antarctic cold next Monday We’re at the end of September and well into Spring but a significant wintry blast of weather is on the way to southern NZ for the final days of September. Storm map showing size and intensity Lert Info has already issued an early heads up to farmers, in particular with new born lambs and livestock in Otago, Southland and South Canterbury. Alert sent Thursday morning The current data suggests snow flurries are expected in Gore, Lumsden, Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka and potentially Dunedin . Sleet is possible in Invercargill with below zero wind chill at times. Metservice Outlook Daytime highs will range from just +2 degrees to +7 degrees across the lower South Island at the warmest point of Monday, based on Thursday's data. Wind chill will likely be in the negatives for a large portion of Monday in exposed areas of Southland. This could be deadly for newborn lambs. Misery Index for Monday 7pm - Wind plus temperature combined Tongue of cold air from Antarctica   Swells This may even be one of the lower to sea level snow events of 2020 despite us almost being in the tenth month of the year. Late snow storms in September and October do happen from time to time – Spring is all about winter slowly fading away and hints of summer slowly coming in. Register for personalized alerts We can send you real time alerts including many exclusive only to Lert Info. For this event, already 5 alerts have gone out and we expect (based on similar storms) another 30-40 alerts.  www.lert.info


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