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    Tonight our Team attended the AF8 Lecture at the University of Otago. It was presented by Dr. Caroline Orchidston and Chris Hawker from Civil Defence. AF8 stand for Alpine Fault Magnitude 8 This demonstrated the research that has been going into preparing for this event.  The Following is not to scare you but make you realise this will happen at some time and it will not be pretty. So when will the fault rupture? It could be  at "4:30pm  tomorrow" as CHris Hawker says. Why then? Because if everyone just says sometime in the future, the future will never come and people won't prepare. By having a finite time your start to take it seriously. We saw the records of 27 Alpine fault ruptures and it was bloody freaky to see the regular occurrance of ruptures. On  average every 300 yrs.    WE ARE NOW OVERDUE by 2 yrs. The effects on infrastructure, people, buildings,  tourists, ability to communicate, EVERYTHING, will be absolutely enormous. If you're in the South Island when it lets go, you WILL be affected. No power and  no communication for many, in the first few days. Ask people from CHCH and Kaikoura what it's like. All mountain passess will be broken, communities will be isolated, in a worst case scenario the will be tens of thousands of tourists and residents trapped in Queenstown and the  West Coast could be cut off for months. We really do need to prepare as individuals and communities. The more we prepare the more resilient we are. Individual can prepare with survival kits. Communities can prepare by getting to know each other. What strenghts and weaknesses people have.  Contact your local Civil Defence contacts and volunteer. Civil Defence will rely on volunteers hugely for this  

  • 0 Relying on Facebook Only is Extremely Risky

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    Why We Don't Use Facebook For Alerts Experienced Facebook marketers will tell you it that as an alerting tool, Facebook fails miserably.  You always run the risk of never seeing posts or seeing them far too late, it's just how Facebook works. ONLY about 10 people out of a hundred will see any posts from either us, Civil Defence, your council or any page you follow. Do you want to be in the 90% that miss out? The only solution see emergency information immediately is push alerts alerts to email or as Txts.  Lert Info is the ONLY service providing this every day, not just when there is a Civil Defence situation  but for over 30 alert categories. weather food recalls, closed roads  news posts  As a member you will be much better informed most of the time The following graphics shows interesting data which we have actually measured .    Whether you select free emails or the premium Txts, is over to you. But please realise the delays that emails have could impact you. To register go to Lert info   Cheers The Lert Info team  


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