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    Today's Covid Press Conference informs that there are 21 new cases making the total 51. The PM advises there is no sign of a peak at this stage. Considering that 10,000 people are now in isolation more cases are expected, numbers are unknown 5000 Close contacts have been contacted and the other 5,000 are being contacted now. This highlights the need for app use ALL the time. If those people had used their Tracer App they could have been contacted almost immediately with an initial notification.   COVID IN THE WATER - Warkworth has a +ve detection for Covid in the water. Anyone who has been at a place of interest  Needs to get tested and isolate. Extra Testing is set up in Warkworth.    PLACES OF INTEREST REMOVED About 10 places have been removed and another 7 added. Click here   Stay safe everyone, and if you have elderly neighbours, contact them and be  there for them if they have no one close      

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    Covid Lockdown has been extended and at this stage , all places EXCEPT Auckland  will finish lockdown at 11:59pm Tuesday Aug 24th There are 8 new cases in Auckland and 3 in Wellington. The total cases is now 31. This is just in 3 days and demonstrates how contagious Delta is. Because his is spreading so fast we highly recommend you register for our FREE alerts www.lert.info If you missed todays video -  Places of interest have been visited by thousands of people from all over New Zealand. If you have visited one of these locations Click here , please isolate and get a test if you were there at the time and date mentioned. If you get cold or flu symptoms please get a test . Testing locations - Click here The total contacts that have been identified at places of interest is 2362. Anyone who didn’t use their QR App or log in manually will be additional. Total South Island Numbers are not known so please read the places of interest. Click here All cases are fortunately linked. The full scale of this outbreak is yet to be established, but it will increase.  The Wellington cases are from Mirimar and Johnsonville. One of the best ways to stay up to date is with our push alerts. Many of these are now exclusive. Register now before the next alert for your area. Click here

  • 0 Today Could be Quite Significant

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    Today the government announces the lockdown strategy  going forwards. Will the South Island be lowered? Will we only need 1 case in the South Island  and it stays  at level four? Speed is essential to stand any chance of getting back to level one. As soon as you have cold/flu like symptoms or suddenly feel lethargic, Isolate  and  arrange to get a test   HERE Current places of interest HERE Delta is 2.5 times more contagious than the first strain that hit New Zealand. Its why we are seeing such a rapid rise in numbers and today, Friday will see another jump. In  an excellent interview with a British Virologist, Chris Smith  HERE  He advises many more people catch Delta faster but any resulting hospital stays have changed from 2week average to 2 -3 days and death rates are much lower. ALL BECAUSE OF THE VACCINES . Additionally there can be many people who have little or no symptoms. He also explains the battle against the virus and how it should just lower in its affect on people to be come just a cold type virus, after all it is from the same family. Maybe if we had all been vaccinated things would be different today.   

  • 0 New Zealand goes to Level 4 Lockdown

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    As of 11:59pm Tuesday 17th the whole country goes to level 4. Auckland and the Coromandel will be for 7 days and the rest of NZ for 3 days Places of Interest - HERE new places will be added daily  and we will send Lerts from www.lert.info if you want information immediately. The Covid website is at HERE   When outside, wear a mask if you can't maintain distance to others. Stay in your bubble.  WHAT IS LEVEL 4? • We have to stay home in our bubble unless it’s an essential trip • We can exercise locally • We can’t gather, public places closed • Businesses closed except for essential services eg supermarkets, clinics and petrol stations • Schools closed   As of Tuesday 6:30pm it's only ASSUMED this is the Delta variant. Results will be through Wednesday 18th.

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    The total number of Covid DELTA cases is now at 5 This is a more virulent version of Covid and it essential we all stay up to date with places of interest. To track possible exposure, we have to look back 3 to 4 day from when a person is diagnosed. This is because they are infectious for up to 4 day before symptoms show. This is why the tracer app is one of our first defences. Example - Your in a store today and in 4 days  a person is diagnosed Covid positive, who was in the same store at the same time as you. If you had scanned in then the MOH will be able to trace that connection and alert you. This is why it's essential to scan as you NEVER know when the next Covid case will pop up, or where, and places that that person visited. If you have symptoms, please get tested.     Metro Auckland Community Testing Centres  Effective 18th August 9AM  NORTH NORTHCOTE COMMUNITY TESTING CENTRE16-18 College Road, Northcote. Corner of College Road and Kilham Avenue. Entrance via College Rd Wed 18th Aug8:30am – 8:00pm CENTRAL BALMORAL COMMUNITY TESTING CENTRE182 Balmoral Road, Mount Eden Wed 18th Aug8:30am – 8:00pm CENTRAL ST LUKES POP-UP COMMUNITY TESTING CENTREWhitecross St Lukes52 St Lukes Road, Mount Albert Wed 18th Aug9:00am – 4:00pm WEST WHĀNAU HOUSE, WAIPAREIRA TRUST HENDERSONCorner of Edsel St & Catherine St, Henderson Wed 18th Aug8:30am – 8:00pm WEST HEALTH NEW LYNNLevel 1 Carpark, Totara Health Services, McCrae Way, New Lynn Wed 18th Aug8:30am – 8:00pm SOUTH THE WHĀNAU ORA COMMUNITY CLINIC25 Druces Road, Wiri Wed 18th Aug8:30am – 8:00pm SOUTH ŌTARA COMMUNITY TESTING CENTREOtara Town Centre, 14 Fair Mall, Otara Wed 18th Aug8:30am – 8:00pm Pop-Up Community Testing Centres  NORTH  NARROWNECK POP UP CTC Woodall Park, DevonportEnter via Seabreeze Road Wed 18th Aug 9:00am – 8:00pm Thurs 19th Aug 9:00am – 8:00pm Fri 20th Aug 9:00am – 8:00pm    DO you want "Places of Interest " updates, then register at www.lert.info

  • 0 Heavy Rain And Snow On The Way. Warnings Likely

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    Weather update from Weatherwatch.   New Zealand’s weather is returning to the more classic variety with a couple of cold fronts on the way later this week and weekend and the usual windy and mild west to north west winds giving way to colder sou’westers. Rain will be heavy at times on the West Coast with rain warning potential possible – but the rain will be falling in the places it usually falls, like Fiordland and South Westland in particular. Eastern and northern parts of NZ don’t look as wet with low accumulation over the coming days. Snow will be heavy as well, especially this weekend as the colder of the two fronts moves through. This may dump 50 to 70cm of snow on the Southern Alps in some locations and the alpine highways may have some disruptions. There may also be another period of lighter snow into the North Island’s Central Plateau this weekend (Desert Road/SH1 and maybe Napier-Taupo Highway/SH5 could be impacted for a time). Check the hyper-local WeatherWatch.co.nz or RuralWeather.co.nz to drill down deeper.   Not registered for our Lert yet?   If you want to be far better informed, one of our alert options may help. All EMERGENCY AND SAFETY ALERTS - www.lert.info Now time TXT ROAD ALERTS - bit.ly/2G4F8DJ Group MASS MESSAGING - bit.ly/2zvmxjN

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    Until now (Thurs 7pm) the snow models have had a considerable difference. One had 20cm for CHCH airport and the other just flurries. GFS and ECMWF now have very similar isobar maps, although snow amounts still vary. This will still change a bit but it's looking pretty certain many areas will get to see some white stuff. The Metservice Outlook is the first sign of staring to lock things in. The following two maps are for Sunday 7pm from two models available to us and show the alignment we were waiting for. ECMWF Model GFS Model Now we wait for the amounts, levels and locations.  Because of this we still anticipate 30 Lerts. We're now up to 2 counting this one as we include news posts. If you're new to Lert Info, in a nutshell, it's New Zealand's ONLY dedicated emergency alert service for anything that can cause you harm or ruin you day like road closures. Check out our service at www.lert.info and if you travel significantly and could do with a Txt alerts for any road events, Road Lert Info is another service we have. Again it's New Zealand's ONLY such national service.    

  • 0 Incoming Snow to Affect Many Locations

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    A snow event is looking likely for this Sunday and Monday to lower levels in the South Island and reaching up into the Central Plateau of the North Island The following video shows the extent and cumulative amounts. Additionally there will be strong winds that will create a cold wind chill so if you have new born stock you may want to arrange shelter. If you feel the cold, so will they. We expect to send about 30plus Lerts for this. Many areas could be impacted looking at current maps. Mountain passes will be affected as well.  We see here that Invercargill is a chilly 2 deg on Monday morning. Blue areas will be zero degrees. We will send alerts for this starting Friday most likely. If you want these exclusive alerts you will need to register at www.lert.info Our first wind chill Lert is already out. For TXT road Lerts check out here

  • 0 Rain Event Likely For Nelson and Marlborough

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    Weatherwatch is giving an early heads-up on another possible rain event for Nelson and Marlborough July 25-26. After the recent Westland flooding, we are checking  our system is ready for this for this next one, just as we did for Westland.. Expected issues, Surface flooding and slips as the ground is already sodden and weakened. It shouldn't be as bad as last weekend though.  We sent 250 alerts for the Westland flooding recently but this one will likely only see 30-50 starting in the next couple of days.  Want to stay better informed?  The ONLY way  is to include  www.lert.info  push alerts. Many are exclusive. Weatherwatch video has all the oil on this next event.  

  • 0 Buller Community Hub Established

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    Community Hub established A one-stop shop for flooding concerns will open this afternoon from 1pm to give residents a place to register their needs and get information. The Buller Community Hub will be based at the NBS Theatre, Westport, from 9am to 4pm daily through to Sunday 25 July. Various agencies will be available to assist resident affected by flooding. Agencies will include: Buller District Council Homebuilders Age Concern Public Health Red Cross   It is expected Kainga Ora, Ministry of Social Development, Animal Welfare, and other local community agencies will be available later in the week.   If necessary, residents will be taken through a needs assessment to work out what help and information they might require for both the short and long-term.   The Community Hub will have the latest public information on the flooding emergency. The hub is being coordinated by Maegan Bird from Homebuilders Trust. She says residents are welcome to turn up for a “cuppa and a chat”.


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