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  • 0 Cold Snap Update

    • Weather
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 02-06-2020
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      The snow may look pretty but for the higher roads may cause issues. Rain starts Thursday morning with temps lowering  At 3pm it's moved up the South Island We envisage issues on mountain passes. Snow is now looking possible to 500M. As soon as we know more details we will send alerts  to affected areas. For long distance drivers we have a Txt Road alert service for all the South Island. We often get exclusive reports from drivers that you won't find anywhere else. The alerts could save you time, money and inconvenience. Friday 6am, temperatures in some areas drop to -4       

  • 0 Large Quake Off Foxton Coast

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    A 5.9 quake 36.5 Km deep has struck off the Foxton Coast.  There are reports of minor damage. Civil Defence tells us that there is no risk of Tsunami. Train services are being held at some stations for a while. Timely reminder to check your kits.  

  • 1 Do you Like Working from home? Many people do.

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    Survey finds most people enjoy working from home Many New Zealanders have been working at home during lock down levels 3 and 4 - and it seems a lot of us have liked it.   Auckland firm Frog Recruitment has surveyed 1300 workers and managers, about their experiences working at home, and how this experience might change the way we do things in the future. They found more than 70 percent aren't too happy with the idea of returning to the office. Jane Kennelly for Frog Recruitment, tells Morning Report that people were quite stressed setting up their home offices at first, but are now comfortable at home. "These new habits are being formed and, in fact, a high number of respondents are really enjoying being at home and in their home environment.   "It's been a circuit breaker for sure as far as being open and it being acceptable to have flexible work hours." Kennelly is among the many who are working from home and said she also enjoys it. "My commute is now 33 seconds, so I'm very happy to be working from home. "I must confess, and it did come through in the survey, that there is that lovely benefit of being in a shared work environment where you bump into people and you can chat about ideas. That type of interaction isn't happening, and I do miss that. But, otherwise, it's been a very highly productive time." Kennelly said that, once upon a time, people believed that working from home meant less productivity. The lock down has certainly proved otherwise. That productivity also present a problem; people are never leaving their work spaces. "On the one hand, that's fantastic, but on the other hand people really feel quite chained to their desk." She said that the lock down has provided a tremendous experiment in working from home, and she hopes it brings about permanent changes to our work lives. Kennelly said workplaces do need to consider financially helping employees setting up their work spaces. She heard of one person who bought their BBQ inside to use as a desk. "The whole notion of working from a laptop isn't great." She said businesses will save money by having a reduced number of people in their offices and should put that toward making sure home offices are well set up. RNZ Article   Click for pushed news articles

  • 0 Are You Wanting More Weather Data?

    • Weather
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 05-05-2020
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      Weatherwatch has partnered with IBM to provide New Zealand's largest weather data website Lert Info uses this frequently as every locations information is updated hourly. This almost real time information, is vital for us to keep you better informed when weather gets marginal.  It's the most comprehensive data readily accessible by the public.    To receive our news articles straight to your email box, just subscribe to our free email alert service ( we'll send you alerts as well of course) Cheers Lert Info team    

  • 2 Take the opportunity

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    So, while you're in lockdown, why not go through your emergency kit. We did and found tins that were 3yrs past their use by date and no battery for the torch or radio.   Have heaps of thermal blankets though (for some unknown reason) but then we are in Dunedin. Note to self - need a few more things, nut bars, water in individual bottles of water, and a few other things.   As well as information, we provide emergency alerts. So if you're not registered for our free emergency alerts yet hop to it and Sign Up today . We're here to keep Kiwis Safer    

  • 0 You're information could save lives

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    People expect alerts ASAP, and rightly so. Now you can play a vital role. PROBLEM: Official sources have protocols to follow which can delay information by 45mins or more. We have experienced this first hand. THE FIX: Enable the people to send reports directly to us. SOLUTION: Lert Info Contact Us  form You can be our eyes and ears. Whenever you see something, tell us first, unless it's a Phone 111 situation. Just setup the Contact Us  page on your phone, then all you will have to do is tap the icon fill in the details and press send. We will have your information immediately and will act on it as needed. Follow these three steps 1/ Click the Contact us Link above to get following screen.   2/ Tap your screens hamburger/menu and a similar dropdown should appear as follows. Select "add to homescreen" & give it a name you like. We've used "Lert Info Send Message"         3/ Your screen will now have an icon like the "Lert Info send message" one. 4/ To send us a message all you need do is tap the icon, write the messages and send to us. The first message you send you may need to include your email and phone, sunsequently it should populate automatically.  We will need your location and details. No use to just say there has been a crash. We need basic info - location, road open or closed etc.  Flooding for example - where, status - Just starting, depth.......   You don't need to be a subscriber to contact us, but if you want to get alerts just go to Sign Up We're here to help Kiwis  

  • 0 Perfect for Travellers

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    If you're moving around the country and stopping over at various locations, we can let you know if anything may ruin your time. eg, fire, flooding, road closures etc This is great for any "Motor Homers" . Takes just 15 secs to do at the end of the day or even during the day  if you want, when you're on a long trip. You just add our login to your home screen of your phone. When you want to make a change:   Select 1/ "change Your Area"           2/ Set the region and suburb/town           3/ Submit -Done To register for alerts, if not already , got to www.lert.info  

  • 28 Newsletter February 2020

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    Lert Info February 2020 Newsletter Gore, Mataura and Milford Rain Event This event was well signaled by Metservice, ourselves and other sources, with expected rain amounts to be in the 300-400mm range.  Metservice had their first ever "Red Alert" and it was used wisely. When we saw it come out, we knew it wasn't going to end well. However the damage to the Milford Road caught everyone by surprise. It's unlikely the road will be open till at least Friday 14th Feb. The Southland flooding was expected and we could see the writing on the wall after taking into account the lag time for rivers to rise, and the amount of water still to come from the headwaters. We did make general comments but it was for CDEM to take the lead with announcements. They did a good job.  How did you find their Mobile Emergency Alerts. - Add a comment below.  Go Bags and Emergency Kits The Southland floods graphically showed benefits of a good push alert service, your emergency plan and preparedness. There was a 12-14 hours lead time, after the initial notice from CDEM, to be ready to evacuate the next morning. This gave people time to get things together. If it was a major earthquake however, how ready would you have been? This Link will help you get organised.   The Risk of Email Only Are you getting emails late? - Compare our time stamp and the actual time you see it the alert.  If you had to evacuate immediately, but email alerts arrived 1-2hrs after you needed to be gone, how would you be affected? The delays are nothing to do with our system, but how the world's internet setup handles bulk email. In an emergency speed is vital. During the Southland evacuations, ALL our Txt subscribers got their alerts immediately, but most email only subscribers didnt know for maybe another 30-60mins later.  This is just how email works these days because of the internet issues with scams and security issues. The solution is to upgrade to Txt. It's costs less than 1/2 a cup of coffee, or a bag of chippies per month, and alerts you almost immediately. Why Push Alerts Are Superior for Alerting Lert Info sends push alerts to keep you informed, and looks for information from hundreds of sources that you won't have access to. In the heat of the moment your will be desperate for information but probably won't have time to hunt it out?  We can bring most of it to you. Sadly, you can't rely on Facebook these days. You could miss posts from any source at any time , OR  get them very late. It's just how Facebooks sends post to you.  The following chart for the reach for each of our posts recently, tells the story. You will never know when you miss a post, whether from Lert, Civil Defence, your council or anyone else. The numbers in red are people who follow us on Facebook, that don't ever see each post.   Upgrade Now App Update We're in the testing phase of our revolutionary emergency app. How long this will take is anyones guess, but we need to get this right as people are relying on us. We will update you as and when appropriate. It will be the same price as the txt service but markedly better, like an old Mini to a new Tesla   Till next time - Stay prepared, stay safe

  • 0 Alerts Are Best When Community Sourced

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    Lert Info is about community and keeping people within those communities safer and better informed.  Although we have hundreds of official sources, the best information comes from YOU,our community. It's faster than most official sources It's incredibly accurate Can be updated in real time We can ask for information in real time during events Enables us to get accurate real time alerts to other members of the Lert community  A classic example was when a major hail storm endangered people from Timaru to Christchurch in December 2019. We issued an alert to subscribers over 30 mins before Metservice issued a severe thunderstorm warning. By getting updates from dozens of people we were then able to forewarn those in line of the storm over the whole day. We were the only service to do so. Fortunately no one was severely injured but thousands of cars needed extensive panel beating and some gutters and roofs were damaged. You can play a crucial part by contacting us on Facebook messenger or emailing info@lert.info.  We can then send alerts to subscribers. ( subscribe for free alerts.) Together we can keep each other safer.    

  • 0 Facebook Not Suited For Alerting

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    Thousands of Kiwis rely on our pushed emergency alerts every day! Why? Because they want  their families to be much safer. Push alerting has proven time and again to be the most effective way to alert you. It's immediate and reliable. These days Facebook releases posts over several hours and then the majority never see them. Our social media expert has seen Facebook posts reach fewer people over the years. Sadly, the exact same thing is happening with posts from pages for Civil Defence, NEMA, Metservice, Councils, and now groups. They are all taking a hammering, and we see that in their figures too. Most of them only reach 5%, possibly 10% of followers.  Luckily we can get up to 30%.  This following chart shows the number of people that DON'T see individual posts. How will you know you missed a post?    YOU WON'T   The following chart clarifies why a dedicated alert service is your best way to stay informed. You'll also see push alerts much sooner. No use getting an alert AFTER you needed to evacuate or shelter from a severe thunderstorm.   When people regularly said they were missing posts we decided to stop using Facebook because we had absolutely no control over alert distribution. The only way for a reliable, fast and most of all, proven alerting method is Push Alerts . We can provide email or superior Txt alerts but there is a huge trade off between the two - speed and reliability. Email is affected by worldwide security/spam measures employed these days. Lert Info is NZ's only, dedicated, alert service. It's here specifically to keep you and your family better informed and safer. No others can do what we do. We really want you to be safer, so why not join the thousands and thousands of Kiwis getting information before you.  Click Here    


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