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  • 0 Flu Tracker Shows Interesting Results.

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      Some interesting results coming through on this years flu tracker. The most symptoms seem to be with under 5s and the over 65s seem to be doing pretty well because they get the flu shot. Maybe the same will happen when we get a vaccine for Covid 19. Feel free to leave comments. Free emergency alerts - Click here

  • 0 Covid Grocery Shopping

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    So we did some shopping and planned everything to a "T" Designated shopper wears disposable gloves when shopping and when back in the car, disposes of gloves in a rubbish bin and wipes the car door handles with disinfectant wipes. Arriving home, she brings the bags inside being very careful not to touch anything other than the bench and the floor with them. The bags are placed on one side of the bench and water with Dettol and dishwashing liquid is used to wipe EVERY item. They are then placed on the clean art of the bench and then into their various places in the pantry. The shopper’s clothes are put in the wash along with shopping bags. Floor and bench washed with disinfectant. Total time to do this, is about 15mins.              

  • 0 Coronavirus: Government starts economic planning for post-lockdown New Zealand

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      Government is thinking ahead.  Grant Robertson says he is still trying to get its head around the depth of a potential economic nosedive following the Covid 19 Pandemic. The post-lockdown economy is going to be tough, unemployment will soar and the entire domestic economic structure of New Zealand could need rethinking. Coronavirus: Government starts economic planning for post-lockdown New Zealand  Source - Stuff.co.nz Map of active cases as at Sat 28th March   Free Covid 19 and all emergecy alerts www.lert.info

  • 0 TV Three Doco on Covid 19

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    This Documentary is full of great information on how to self isolate. If some information is contrary to what you have seen on Social Media then the SM info is most likely wrong.   Many people profess to be experts and are just a name. You have no idea who they are. Others will genuinely believe something they have heard and share it in good faith. Check with official sources if your in doubt.  For all Covid 19 alerts and anything else pop over to www.lert.info    

  • 0 Take the opportunity

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    So, while you're in lockdown, why not go through your emergency kit. We did and found tins that were 3yrs past their use by date and no battery for the torch or radio.   Have heaps of thermal blankets though (for some unknown reason) but then we are in Dunedin. Note to self - need a few more things, nut bars, water in individual bottles of water, and a few other things.   As well as information, we provide emergency alerts. So if you're not registered for our free emergency alerts yet hop to it and Sign Up today . We're here to keep Kiwis Safer    

  • 0 Comprehensive Update from Stuff.co.nz

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     Many useful links in this article               Key developments in the past 24 hours New Zealand is about to go into lockdown. From midnight on Wednesday the entire country enters level 4 of the Covid-19 threat alert system. That means, with the exception of essential services, the one clear message is for people to stay home. Schools are closing to all but the children of those in essential services, universities have been  told to close, and non-essential businesses will shut. Airplanes, ferries, and public transport including trains and buses will be available only for those working in essential services after midnight Wednesday. Globally, the number of new detected cases is at an all-time high. Italy, with 59,138 cases, is nearing China's total of 81,601. The Italian number of deaths has now easily surpassed China but for the second day the number of new cases has decreased. Current situation in New Zealand Thirty-six new cases of coronavirus were announced on Monday bringing the total number of cases to 102. None of those new cases appeared to be a result of community transmission though two of them may have been, the Ministry of Health said. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced New Zealand had gone to alert level three, and was moving up to four - the most-extreme - at midnight on Wednesday. Descriptions of the alert levels are below. Only essential services - including border control, accommodation for essential workers, the health sector, national security - and can continue to operate. Immigration New Zealand has been inundated with calls and emails after the Government closed borders to everyone except New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and their immediate families on Thursday. Property investors are pulling properties from Airbnb to offer as long-term rentals instead. The new alert system was announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during a wartime-like address to the nation on Saturday. The alert levels - Alert Level 1 was where Covid-19 was here, but contained. This was a phase of preparation, which included introducing border measures, contact tracing and cancelling mass gatherings. These had been activated. - Alert Level 2 was where the disease was contained but the risks were growing as cases grew. At this stage people would need to reduce contact with others. There would be increased border measures and events would be cancelled. People would also be required to work differently, and from home as much as possible. All non-essential travel would need to be cancelled. - Alert Level 3 was where the disease was increasingly difficult to contain. Public venues and non-essential businesses would need to close. - Alert Level 4 was when there was sustained transmission. Everyone would need to be isolated from each other. Essential services would continue, but everyone would be asked to stay at home. Latest travel advice for Kiwis New Zealand's borders have been closed to almost all travellers from 23:59 since Thursday last week. Exceptions can be made, on a case-by-case basis, for humanitarian reasons, for health and essential workers, Tongan and Samoan citizens for essential travel, and those on visitors who are the partner or dependent of a temporary work or student visa holder, and who normally lives in New Zealand and is currently in New Zealand. No foreign traveller can enter New Zealand. Returning residents and citizens must self-isolate for 14 days. New Zealanders should not travel overseas and any currently overseas should return home as soon as possible. While New Zealand is at  alert level three, people can travel domestically to get home but social distancing is urged. When we go to level four at midnight on Wednesday, air travel will be for those in essential services and for the transport of freight. Current toll for Coronavirus Worldwide there were 332,935 confirmed cases of Covid-19 across 189 countries, areas or territories, according to the WHO. Of those 14,510  people had died, according to the latest available figures. What should I do? Wash hands properly, cough and sneeze into your elbow, bin tissues immediately, stay home.From 11.59pm on Wednesday stay home unless involved in essential services. Prepare for four weeks of this. You can go out to supermarkets, and likely some other essential services. Keep two metres from anyone you do come into contact with. If you think you are sick, call your GP before you visit. Or call Healthline on 0800 358 5453. If you have returned from overseas, self-isolate for 14 days. For all your emergency alerts go to www.lert.info      

  • 0 8 new Covid 19 cases bring total to 20 (Wed 18th 2pm)

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    8 new Covid 19 cases    have popped up from top to bottom of the country Auckland 4 Waikato 2 Wellington 1 Christchurch 1 Invercargill 1   To register for alerts - www.lert.info

  • 0 Coronavirus: What you should prepare in case you need to self-isolate

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    If you come into close contact with someone who has Covid-19, come down with the virus, or have just returned from overseas, you will have to self-isolate for 14 days. The Government recently asked New Zealanders to prepare for this situation. But how do you prepare for staying at home for a two-week period?  Kiwis have been told not to bulk buy, and some won’t be able to afford to buy two weeks’ worth of supplies at once, but gradually adding extra items to your grocery list can build up your stock. According to New Zealand Civil Defence, during a pandemic or a prolonged emergency you will need a two-week stock of food and water. Supplies for Self Isolating Free emergency alerts - www.lert.info

  • 0 Dedicated Covid 19 Website, Set up by Government

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    There is a tool that has answers to all your questions on Covid 19. A Website  has been set up by government, is extensive and easy to navigate. Pretty much everything you want to know is on there. We have already sent  Free alerts ( www.lert.info ) to subscribers. Check it out, you may want it        

  • 0 Covid 19, Cold, Flu. What's the difference?

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    Symptoms of Covid 19, Cold and Flu. This graphic should help you distinguish the difference. Hope this helps   This is from Siouxsie Wiles - Associate Professor. Microbiologist (Auck University) Don't forget to register for Free alerts at www.lert.info    


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