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  • 0 Alpine Fault Rupture Risk Dramatically Increased

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    SOBERING READ. - Great interview   Latest crucial information about Alpine Fault Rupture probability of breaking in the next 47 years has increased from 30% to 75% by 2068.   Fascinating hearing about the earthquake gate.   We attended the AF8 Seminar in Dunedin recently which was also very enlightening.   Important that you find out about the effects likely for your area as each location will be affected differently because of ground structure.   This interview about the 75% risk of rupture by 2068 is a jolt back to reality.     How prepared are you? There will be major breakages of infrastructure. Power for some will be off for weeks. Some silty areas will see liquefaction such as parts of South Dunedin and CHCH.   We suggest you read up on the AF8 scenario at AF8 Website and how it will affect your area.   Lert Info will be here to send alerts as we are in Dunedin which is going to be less impacted. We are assuming and ability to get information out and are currently looking forward to the Starlink network being operation then. Anyone that is one that should be able to get our alerts even though the mobile networks are down.   You can register for all our alerts here  .

  • 0 More Thunderstorms Likely

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    Metservice has a moderate possibility of thunder   in many places. A front moves up NZ from the south today, bringing with it a risk of thunderstorms and hail for the west and south. You can keep track of the rain at here here and the latest alerts here    Tie down lose objects as winds could get gusty. Clear branches over powerlines. 

  • 0 Gale force wind likely for inland Canterbury

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    Gale winds look to be on the cards for Central Canterbury today.   While north of Auckland severe thunderstorms look possible. They are moving NE as at 09:30am   Most power cuts occur because of branches breaking powerlines so please clear any that pose a risk.  We are now into the Autumn/ Winter transition and you will have noticed gale winds are in the forecast more often. Don't wait till a gale is on you doorstep to clear branches. Some may need council to do it. Often people get caught out because they don't know what's happening. This can be life threatening in some situations, but we can help you with push alerts for all sorts of things and many alerts we send these days are now exclusive or up to 30mins faster than others. Click Here   to set up your own personal alerts before the next alert for your area. It could be sooner than you think.

  • 0 High/Moderate thunderstorm risk for much of the North Island

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    Thunderstorms are posing a risk to many parts of the North Island. Winds up to 100kph plus hail could eventuate along with brief torrential downpours. Remember that thunderstorms are usually very localised events and people 10km apart can have very different weather.        The RED spots are possible Thunderstorms travelling east.   Following is the Satellite image showing storm cells off the coast at 11:20am Wed. If near you, please stay indoors. You won't stand any chance of avoiding lightning if its heading for you. It's so fast you won't know till afterwards.  The only way to get our High Level Thunderstorm alerts is to  Click here An increasing number of our alerts are now exclusive to Lert Info 

  • 0 Thunderstorm risk for many areas of NZ

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    Thunderstorms are on the cards for many today. They are not as active as Monday but watches could still be issued. If you have storms near you please stay indoors. Lightning is instant and unpredictable. If you are hit it can kill you We will issue watches and warnings from our service when we are advised.

  • 0 Earthquake caused tsunami can strike any time

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    New Zealand is vulnerable to tsunami effects from various sources in the Pacific Ring Of Fire.   There will be no warning of the quake that causes these, but depending on the source location there can be anything from 30mins to several hours lead time.   This Timeline  Video illustrates occassions when we have been affected. Sometimes the results is just tidal surges, others have seen small tsunami . Dates we have been affected 1906, 1923 (2), 1946, 1953, 1960 (massive source quake) 1964, 1965, 2001, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012  Lert Info   will be here, when one does occur, to keep you updated in real time just as we did with the recent Kermadec tsunami risk. We have access to many information sources and can get additional information to you that could save your life.

  • 0 Volcano on St Vincent Island erupts. Another on Martinique Also getting active

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    Thousands of people flee as volcano erupts on Carribean island   An "explosive" volcano has blanketed the Caribbean island of St Vincent in ash and smoke and forced thousands of people out of their homes. The eruption of La Soufriere Volcano viewed from Rillan Hill on Saint Vincent island. Photo: Zen Punnett/ AFP La Soufrière, which has been dormant for decades, first started showing volcanic activity in December and this surged this week. On Thursday, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves urged more than 16,000 residents in "red zones" to evacuate. The volcano has since spewed dark ash plumes 6km into the air. Ash fall has been recorded as far from the volcano as Argyle International Airport, St Vincent's National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said. The volcano had been dormant since 1979, but in December it started spewing steam and smoke, and making rumbling noises. The first sign that an eruption was imminent came on Thursday evening, when a lava dome was suddenly visible on La Soufrière. An image from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows the eruption of La Soufriere Volcano. Photo: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/ AFP That night, Gonsalves ordered an urgent evacuation of the surrounding area. Just before 9am on Friday local time, seismologists from the University of the West Indies confirmed that an "explosive eruption" was under way. Evacuees were taken to cruise ships and safer parts of the island. Lavern King, a volunteer at shelters on the island, told Reuters news agency: "People are still being evacuated from the red zone, it started yesterday evening and into last night. The place in general is in a frenzy." Later on Friday another explosion was recorded, the UWI Seismic Research Centre tweeted.   Most of the Lesser Antilles islands are part of a long volcanic arc in the Eastern Caribbean. The eruption in 1979 caused more than $100m of damage on the island. The worst eruption on record, in 1902, killed more than 1,000 people. A view over the capital of St Vincent, Kingstown.  Local media have also reported increased activity from Mount Pelee on the island of Martinique, north of St Vincent. - BBC Free alerts for NZ emergencies - www.lert.info

  • 0 Tsunami could reach Wellington very quickly

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    If a large earthquake hits near Wellington, a tsunami could reach the central city within just 10 minutes, recent modelling shows. This makes it all the more important for locals to know their fastest route to safety. People have a general impression that some official will tell them what to do but it's unlikely to arrive in time. Networks could be down also, which means you won't have cell coverage. Therefore, if you feel a long strong earthquake, you need to have an emergency route sorted. SOLUTION  You can store, on your phone, maps for your area by simply taking a screen shot. That way if there is no network, you can then just pull up your screenshots from your phones photo library. Also, Lert is working on a system where we can get alerts to people when there is no cell coverage. Watch this space.   Many Kiwis know what to do in an earthquake, but mistakenly believed they would receive an official warning from the Government if they needed to move to higher ground. But tsunami data from the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) showed the earliest a tsunami could reach the region was within just eight minutes of a big earthquake depending where the quake is centred. During the Kermadec quake recently, it took a while for initial advice to arrive from official sources while they assessed the likelihood of a tsunami. Lert Info  had initial alerts out within 10 minutes to expect unusual currents, and as new data came in we sent updates. You can't rely on infrastructure being up either, as soon as it stops shaking.  You need to self evacuate immediately. Remember, there are no Tsunami sirens on Wellington beaches so store your areas map on your phone. It's also a good idea to practice an evacuation from your location to a safe high point. People are encouraged to walk, run or cycle to a safe zone if possible. Cars have, and always will cause traffic jams and make it difficult for less mobile people. In 1855 A severe 8.2 earthquake  created a tsunami in the city that moved around the harbour like water in a fishbowl, with waves moving from "side to side", it showed that another large quake with a locally-sourced tsunami could cause a similar effect and have an "enduring" impact, as it likely wouldn't be just one wave.    The recent earthquake and tsunami warnings around the country earlier this month highlighted the risks, and the fact that tsunami warnings could sometimes last for hours.   Lert Info - keeping Kiwis Safer    

  • 0 People Losing $millions to scams

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    People are losing $millions to scams that are new and very sophisticated, and after the initial scam they scam again presenting as a company that may be able to get the money back - Video and article There is also the one ring scam that can cost a person $100 ph charge, this is in the article. Alert was sent to subscribers at 1pm For your own alerts click www.lert.info Ends  

  • 0 Vodafone Scam Alert

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    ** SCAM ALERT ** Some Vodafone customers might be getting strange international calls. The phone rings once then the person hangs up. DO NOT CALL BACK. According to Vodafone that's how the scammers make their money. Vodafone is investigating (and so is 1News!)   For free alerts  - www.lert.info


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