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    Facebook used to be a wonderful tool many years ago, but today it’s a totally different product. People mistakenly believe they see every post from every page they follow, but they don’t. Whether you see a post is over to the Facebook Computer. When it comes to getting safety information to you in real time, we want you to have the best, and push alerts are the only solution. The following graph shows how long it took for people to see a specific Facebook post on Sunday Oct 17th/18th. Our exclusive push alerts reach you in real time, NOT up to a day later. While reasonable as a social connecter, Facebook it is definitely substandard for emergency alerting. If you rely on it for emergency alerts you could be putting you and your family's safety at risk.   With Facebook's drive for revenue, ALL business pages are now expected to buy advertising if they want reach ( Reach is a measure of people that stop on a post for 3 seconds). This includes Civil Defence, Metservice,  Lert Info, Councils, Fire, Police and every other business page. None are boosting their posts to get to as many people as possible as it's too tricky to do in a fast flowing emergency. How does this affect you?  It risks your safety. There are several key things that make a post go really well – comments, shares, likes, the correct images and how long people stay on a post. You can see the variation across our recent posts. The top post was after 24hrs. ( If print is too small in following table, turn your phone sideways)     Lert info has a following of 38,000  yet we've only reached 50% of our followers twice. You will never know when you miss out, and if you do see a post, how old is it? Emergency alerts are very time sensitive, the obvious solution is real time push alerts.  We can get Civil defence, weather, fire, Police and other alerts to you even before they do.  There is a good chance you may not see their posts in time, if at all. What is the solution? Push alerts! Over the last 9yrs Lert Info has continually developed NZ's only a dedicated push alert service. It covers all eventualities, not just road or weather  or Civil Defence, but anything. Our "Lerts " are sent to subscribers immediately . Lert Info is for everyone. You'll can get alerts pretty much immediately by Txt .  We also have a free email service for people that can’t afford a couple of dollars for Txt’s, but it has the usual email tradeoffs. Still it's better than nothing. Register at www.lert.info  before we send the next alert for your area.  Almost every place in New Zealand has received an alert in the last week.  Make "Lert" a key part of your emergency information kit. You should have have several sources anyway.      

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    People don't believe us when we say Email is not the best for alerting. We're about keeping you saferso we don't recommend email only. For less than a bag of sweets per month, getimmediate delivery Txt Alerts. The following image clearly shows a 1hour delay for an email to get through. This is totally beyond our control.   1Hr time difference This graphic show how email actually works and why it has issues. For faster alerts Click Here      

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    Why We Don't Use Facebook For Alerts Experienced Facebook marketers will tell you it that as an alerting tool, Facebook fails miserably. You always run the risk of never seeing a post just because of how Facebook controls posts. ONLY 10 out of a hundred will see any post. Do you want to be in the 90 that miss out? The only way to ensure you get alerts is with a dedicated custom built service which Lert is. The following graphics shows interesting data which we have actually measured . Whether you select free emails or the premium Txts, is over to you and we truly don't mind, we just want you to be safer. To register go to Lert info   Cheers The Lert Info team  


Lert Info has been designed to provide safety alerts for the public. It is a private company that gets no Government funding.

It’s arguably NZ’s most comprehensive and advanced alert service.

We have our own Meteorological technician, our own programmers and our own networker who are passionate that you have the best service


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