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  • 0 Being Prepared: Volcanic Ash Fall

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      New Zealand is vulnerable to Volcanic eruption like the 1995 Ruapehu. The risk of Egmont going in the next 50 years is reasonably high.  This article from GNS Science on  volcanic ash fall  may help : What to do during an ash fall How to clean up an ash fall Protection against ash fall You'll also need good, fast, reliable information to make appropriate decisions. If you're not already registered, Lert Info is NZ's only National Alert Service . - Register for FREE and make them part of your emergency tool kit.  They are recommended by many including management of companies, to help with their daily operations  

  • 1 How many active volcanoes are there in the world?

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    A quick 1 minute summary snapshot on How many active volcanoes are there in the world? . The mention of active volcanoes on the ocean floor is interesting and makes you wonder how much influence they have on ocean heating. Around Antarctica there are about 200 volcanoes. 93 of them have only recently been discovered because of the previous inability to seem them.  Currently there are about 30 active volcanoes on the Pacific Ring of Fire, so how many active ones are there under the ocean?   Food for thought.


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