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    Severe Thunderstorms need to be taken seriously so we have made these safety pointers. These can last a short duration or long duration like the Auckland floods of 2023  What comes with them?   Hail Damaging winds Tornadoes Flooding Slips Torrential rain Power cuts Fallen trees. - Take shelter, preferably indoors away from windows;- Avoid sheltering under trees, if outside;- Get back to land, if outdoors on the water;- Move cars under cover or away from trees;- Secure any loose objects around your property;- Check that drains and gutters are clear;- Be ready to slow down or stop, if driving.- Expect flash flooding During and after the storm, you should also:- Beware of fallen trees and power lines;- Avoid streams and drains as you may be swept away in flash flooding.- If you feel in danger or damage is occurring and you feel you should call 111, don't hesitate. Lert Info gathers information from hundreds of sources and generates alerts , many exclusive to Lert Info. These have saved lives over the years. To be included in our Alert Network Click Here


Lert Info has been designed to provide safety alerts for the public. It is a private company that gets no Government funding.

It’s arguably NZ’s most comprehensive and advanced alert service.

We have our own Meteorological technician, our own programmers and our own networker who are passionate that you have the best service


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