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    Do you know Facebook will never show you  all Facebook posts from pages you follow? It's because Facebook never sends post immediately to all page followers. Sometimes  never at all. For alerting, this is totally unacceptable especially during emergency situations. The preferred solution - real time push alerts, the  Modus Operandi of Lert Info for  13years. During any event ( Cyclone Gabrielle, Auckland Floods and Port Hills Fire etc) you need info ASAP . Lert Info pushes information to members in real time. Over the years, Facebook has reduced Post Reach and it's now a ridiculous 3-10% on average. The table is from 3 years ago and the figures have only gotten worse. it shows how many of our FB page followers never saw the posts. Why? Facebook wants page owners  to now BUY a boost. It's about money. It's the same with all pages you follow -  Civil Defence, your councils,  etc. There is only one simple solution to solve this dilemma. Personalised "Push Alerts". This is what Lert Info does, and is the only service of it's kind in New Zealand. 1  Exclusive alerts that no one else has 2  Email alerts - up-to 99% reach but if you read emails once a day , this will not be ideal 3  Txt alerts 99% reach. You're likely to read these immediately- perfect for fast moving situations and events that happen with no warning. 4   Facebook group page 80-95% reach 5  "News alerts", 99% reach - ONLY sent to Lert Info members.  Register HERE  Our Facebook Group 1 Facebook encourages Groups and will push posts to you, more than our page.2 You can comment, and even post on the group page. 3 Your posts can be useful during events. The group page can become the town square for information.4 All submitted posts are monitored for quality control.5 You'll be playing an important role in helping others during events. Register for your FREE alerts today-  Click here . Join our Facebook Group  -  click here . Stay in the information loop more effectively.  


Lert Info has been designed to provide safety alerts for the public. It is a private company that gets no Government funding.

It’s arguably NZ’s most comprehensive and advanced alert service.

We have our own Meteorological technician, our own programmers and our own networker who are passionate that you have the best service


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