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  • 0 Don't Hesitate to Self Evacuate

    • Alerts
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 21-05-2024
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    The continual moderate to heavy rain for Hawkes Bay and Wairarapa is set to run for another 12hrs or more in many locations. If you feel at risk, don't hesitate to self evacuate. Rivers are still rising and many will continue to do so. Remember rain that falls upstream/inland can take hours to arrive downstream. Map of river and stream level trend Earthnull School model for 8am Wednesday. Green circle moderate to heavy rain potential Rain Radar at 4pm Tuesday. Heavier rain is at the arrow base. If you want realtime information sent to you , Register for FREE at www.lert.info  

  • 0 Toxic Algae In Waikanae River.

    • Alerts
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 28-03-2024
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    THURSDAY 4.20PM - A Red Warning for toxic algae at Waikanae River Old SH 1 has been issued. The algae can make people sick and can be fatal to dogs. If you think your dog has swallowed toxic algae, take them to the nearest vet immediately.

  • 0 The Best of Both

    • Alerts
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 26-02-2023
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    In emergencies like the recent destructive storms, information is key to your safety. Civil Defence has a great service with their Mobile Emergency Alerts, but unfortunately there are some drawbacks : From Their Tweet Feb 26th 2023" - Didn’t get an Emergency Mobile Alert on your phone? - Emergency Mobile Alerts will only be sent when there is a serious threat to life, health or property. These are broadcast to affected areas, not specific phones. Other reasons may be: Your phone isn’t on our list of capable makes and models: getready.govt.nz/.../emergency.… Your phone needs updating Your phone is off, You're in flight mode, or Your out of cellular coverage.  Lert Info alerts reach you reliably: On all phones, 99% of the time. If you lose signal,  alerts will get through when you get signal. When you recharge your phone after a flat battery, You cancel flight mode, You drive into an area with signal, You switch your phone on.  only people who want our alerts will get them, for their chosen suburb, town or region.  Civil Defence creates original alerts. Lert Info creates original alerts too, eg we were the first to alert Auckland subscribers thunderstorms had stalled and to expect issues, however we also scour 100's of sources and have thousand of subscribers as our eyes and ears. We then personally send the information to you if your registered (free). Alerts could be anything, weather, a city fire with toxic smoke, life threatening health alerts like recalled foods, toxic shellfish, plus a whole lot more. - Full list of alerts Click Here  We advise you to have multiple sources but please don't rely on just Facebook. It risks your safety because of it's unreliability. Many of the alerts on this map (Noon Feb 27th 2023) have not appeared anywhere on Facebook. To start getting your own alerts long before others do just FREE register at www.lert.info  


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