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  • 0 Roving Reporters Invaluable During Events

    • General
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 07-10-2019
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    During the significant rain event on the West Coast, information sent to Lert Info can greatly help keep others safe. If you have flooding or hear of washouts, or developing situations, please email us details and photos. Send to Roving Reporter   Many Thanks Lert Info Team

  • 1 Don't Miss Another Lert News Story

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    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 24-09-2019
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      FACEBOOK UPDATES will limit what posts you will see.  One of the Facebook changes brought in over September is now affecting Lert and all others like Civil Defence, Metservice, Councils , and local community pages. If a post has a link that takes people away from the FB page, such as to their own websites, FB will reduced the number to "fans" that are shown the post.   What does that mean for you? You will see far fewer posts and more than likely, miss important information.   Unfortunetly you will never know when a post is made and whether you missed it.   For Lert Info, some of our posts are a prelude to important developing situations that may become alerts.   To ensure you see our news posts that are relevant to your location, we can now advise you through our free email alert service.   These push notifications ensure you hear about something newsworthy for your location. If you live in Palmerston North you won't hear about something in Christchurch.  There is a mix of items from other media plus an increasing number of exclusive stories.   This example shows a Thunderstorm Outlook that looks likely to become alerts.       This was a news item advising walking tracks were closed following a scrub fire in Dunedin     Register for our free email news advisories and you'll also get our actual alerts as well - for FREE.  

  • 0 The Perils Of Email

    • General
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 10-07-2019
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    Increasingly, email is becoming tricky to use. Spam filters, blockers, lag time, servers down etc. etc. let alone the average 60mins plus it takes for someone to open their email. It doesn't bode well if there is an emergency. We found this excellent video which explains The Email Cycle . Down the track. we envisage dropping the email only service as it's just getting so tricky to use. Civil Defence regions have dropped it, but we have thousands and thousands of people to consider and so perseveared for the last two years.  The replacement will be so much better.  


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