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  • 0 Local State of Emergency in Gisborne Region

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    Civil Defence has declared a local state of emergency at 2pm today for the Tairāwhiti region.   Civil Defence controller Dave Wilson encourages people to contact Council to report any flooding.   “Anyone who is concerned for their safety should stay with friends and whānau. Welfare centres are being established across the district for those with nowhere to go. If people need assistance, please call us,” he says.   Staff continue to closely monitor the weather situation across the region after more than 24 hours of torrential rain, which is impacting properties, roads and communities. Surface flooding around the district has closed several roads, and some people at Pouawa and Loisels have self-evacuated.   “The ground is already staturated, with high tide due at 6pm our rivers are being closely monitored. “The road situation on both state highways and local roads are changing by the hour,” says Mr Wilson. “Please drive to the conditions, and only travel if you need to.”   There have been several road closures, with some down to one lane due to slips. Sponge Bay has surface flooding restricting some access to properties. A number of private properties in other areas have reported sewage overflowing as wastewater backs up. Some schools up the Coast have closed. Mr Wilson says our systems across the region are just not coping with the sheer volume of water.   Scours were opened last night and sports grounds around the region are closed. “Links with our rural communities have been activated to ensure everyone is safe,” says Mr Wilson. Please call 0800 653 800 to report flooding.   For Real time Update to email or phone - www.lert.info

  • 0 People Encouraged to Self Evacuate If Needed

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    Latest civil defence updates @ 4pm, the next update will be 5.30pm.   Some residents in Sponge Bay have self-evacuated as flood waters rise, and contractors sandbag the area. If you're in this area be prepared to evacuate.   Welfare centres - set up at Wainui School Hall, Salvation Army on Gladstone Road and the House of Breakthrough   State highways - significant surface flooding. Rutene Rd, Wainui cycle way closed.  SH 2 flooding intersection with Pilmer Road   Inspected Gladstone Road bridge.   Kaiaua Road is closed.   Focus areas are Sponge Bay, Kaiti, Taruheru riverside residents, Riverside Road   Slip has come down Makorori hill - down to one lane.   Power outages across the city.    Facebook video

  • 0 Christchurch Covid Situation Update 12pm Thursday 28th Oct

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    As you are likely aware, a person travelled by plane from Auckland to CHCH and later infected another person in their house. The Ministry of Health advises the first person was not scanning every locations they visited and so there will be holes in the record. New cases COULD pop up if there was an exposure incident at one of these unidentified places. Please scan into every place you visit. This is one of our lines of defence. Any place that becomes a Place Of Interest  (POI) later, the MOH can contact you directly through the app if you have scanned in. We will also send alerts directly to you from our alert service Lert Info Fast and thorough action and practices will hopefully stop the CHCH cases spreading, but as the first infected person was  out and about while infected for several days, we will have to watch daily updates of new cases. Any new cases will show in the next few days . On Vaccination- it's purely and individuals choice. You can still get Covid with the vaccination but statistics show your are likely to get it much less seriously. If you're sitting on the fence about getting vaccinated, don't allow yourself to be bullied by either side of the argument. Source information yourself from credible sources, which are on both sides. But ultimately only you can decide for yourself.

  • 0 Worlwide Facebook Outage

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    Facebook has unfortunately had a significant outage and was down for many hours. During an emergency like the Canterbury or Westport floods, you would have been out of the loop as Civil Defence and councils use Facebook heavily. Fortunately Lert Info emergency alerts aren't affected when Facebook goes down because we have a closed system. It performed perfectly with 6 alerts sent during today's outage. Facebook outages are frequent, and sometime over an hour. This is a key reason why we no longer use it for alerts. Our subscribers expect to be informed in an emergency, but people will not get information using Facebook. This  includes Civil Defence, Councils, NZTA etc.  Also, you will never see EVERY post from whoever you follow. You will get every alerts we send to you. Because we use 1000's  of sources outside Facebook including all our subscribers, we can still gather and send alerts and news. Save this link to your home screen on your phone or Device - click here for news posts any time.  If you want to get alerts even when Facebook is down click here   


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