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  • 0 2 new cases of Covid 19 announced this afternoon in associated with the Papatoetoe case.. Feb 23rd

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    Two more community cases of Covid-19 have been announced. They are siblings of a Papatoetoe High School student confirmed as a positive case earlier on Tuesday. The Ministry of Health said the siblings are a teenager and an infant. The teenager, who was also, until recently, a student at Papatoetoe High, works at Kmart Botany in east Auckland.   The person at work on February 19 and 20 between 4pm-10pm.  From the MOH 23 February 2021 The Ministry of Health was this afternoon notified that two siblings of today’s positive case from Papatoetoe High School have also tested positive for COVID-19. The siblings are a teenager and an infant. The parents and a third older sibling have returned negative tests. The family has been transferred to the Auckland quarantine facility. Today’s initial case, a Papatoetoe High School student known as Case I, has not been at school. They are a casual plus contact of the initial case at Papatoetoe High School and had been advised to self-isolate and get tested. The teenage sibling, known as Case J, recently finished school and has been working at Kmart Botany. Case J was at work on Friday 19 February and Saturday 20 February between 4pm and 10pm. Kmart Botany is regarded as a location of interest. Therefore anyone who was at Kmart Botany, 500 Ti Rakau Drive, Botany Downs, at these times is considered a casual plus contact. If you are a casual plus contact, you are advised to immediately isolate at home and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice on isolation timeframes and testing requirements. Thirty-one staff at Kmart have already been identified as close contacts and are isolating and being provided with public health advice. Other locations of interest for the three cases are continuing to be investigated and will be notified when available. The infant, known as Case K, does not have childcare outside the home. A testing centre was set up at the school early afternoon and 672 tests were done today. Testing will be available again at the school tomorrow. The school community has been requested to return to complete testing if they did not receive it today. The Ministry is advising everyone in a Papatoetoe High School household must stay away from work or any other school, educational facility or community setting (e.g. the supermarket or any other place outside the home). The school remains closed and no students or staff will be able to return until advised by a Medical Officer of Health. At this point, household members who are not students or staff do not need to be retested, unless they have symptoms or are asked to do so. We will be providing updates on contact tracing tomorrow. Whole genome sequencing of Case I will be available tomorrow.  Four  Places of Interest    since Feb 19th Alerts have been sent personally to subscribers in the area. You can arrange for your own alerts at www.lert.info

  • 0 New Symptoms Appearing With Latest Covid Cases in NZ. (Feb 24th)

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    Two cases of the UK Covid variant reported in New Zealand – including one of the cases announced last week – have reported muscle aches and lethargy, Ashley Bloomfield said. Most commonly, Covid-positive cases report respiratory symptoms like a cough and sore throat. “This is the interesting thing and we have seen this now in the last few cases with this variant, not-typical symptoms,” Bloomfield told TVNZ “I want to alert people to this, that muscle aches and lethargy [can be symptoms of Covid].” He added: “We saw this in the case in Northland, we’ve seen it out here and even our first case from this school… the young girl who thought her muscle aches were from walking around Mt Taranaki.” Video -  TVNZ Interview with Dr Ashley Bloomfield   For Covid and over 20 other types of alerts register at www.lert.info  

  • 0 Covid 19 Level changes February 14 Covid update

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    The Prime Minister has announced tonight, as of midnight Sunday 14th alert levels change as follows. Auckland will go to Level 3 and the rest of New Zealand to Level 2 A reminder of the levels is HERE   Auckland people essentially need to stay home and in their bubbles and work from home unless it's not possible. Maintain physical distancing. Face coverings should be used outside your home. Anyone that is experiencing cold or flu symptoms should get tested HERE. A border will be put in place for Auckland similar to last time. Rest of New Zealand - Businesses and schools operate as normal but need to record visitors, and maintain physical distancing. Compulsory mask wearing on public transport. Mass gatherings limited to 100people. Remind people to scan in using the Covid app. If you are well and not been to any of the PLACES OF INTEREST  there is no need to get tested. The One News Press Conference is HERE    These levels will run till midnight Wednesday will be reviewed every 24hrs Remember to sign up for free alerts at www.lert.info   This is NZ's most advanced alert service available Ends:  

  • 0 Two New Covid Cases in Auckland

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      There are two new cases associated with the Pullman Hotel in the Auck area Attached is a full interview  with Min of Health Chris Hipkins . If you have any of the symptoms and have been to the locations mentioned, please get a check. If you have no symptoms and have not visited the locations at the time mentioned, you don't need to test. Turning up just puts an unnecessary strain on the testing facilities and you will likely be turned away .                        Places of interest. • BBQ King Albany - Jan 15, 5pm-6pm* • BBQ King Albany - Jan 16, 5pm-6pm* • BBQ King Albany - Jan 17, 11am-2pm • Pak n Save Silverdale - Jan 17, 2pm-2.30pm • BBQ King Albany - Jan 17, 5pm-9pm • Pak n Save Silverdale - Jan 18, midday-12.30pm • BBQ King - Albany Jan 18, 12.30pm-3pm • Caltex Ōrewa - Jan 18, 1pm-1.30pm • BBQ King Albany - Jan 18, 5pm-9pm • Pak n Save Silverdale – Jan 21, 1.37pm - 1.53pm* • ASB Wairau Valley – Jan 21, 2.06pm - 2.09pm* • New World Ōrewa – Jan 23, 12.30pm - 1.30pm* • Hickeys Pharmacy Ōrewa - Jan 23, 12.30pm-1.30pm • Farmers Albany -Jan 24, 11.29am - 12.08pm (updated time) • Tai Ping Supermarket Albany - Jan 24, midday-1pm • Pak n Save Silverdale – Jan 25, 2.35pm - 3.02pm* • DaHua Supermarket Northcote - Jan 26, 12.57pm - 1.45pm * • Caltex Ōrewa - Jan 25, 2.15pm-2.30pm * Anyone who visited any of these locations at the times indicated needs to get a covid test  For alerts if this becomes a "thing" go to www.lert.info   Ends

  • 0 Locations of interest visited by Northland positive case revealed.

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    Information is now in of all the places visited by the Northland person January 14th to January 22nd   Full details - Northland Covid Case, Places that Were Visited       Businesses being proactive  and closing till Thursday from Waikato to Northland   Free emergency alerts, sent to you in real time -  www.lert.info  You might need this if more cases occur and you need reliable information.    If you want to get Covid Tested CLICK HERE  for list of locations

  • 0 Contact tracing locations of interest: November quarantine cluster

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    Media release 08 November 2020 A number of push notifications will be sent to people who logged on with the COVID Tracer app as a new case was announced today. The alerts were sent to people that logged in at several locations of interest in Wellington and Auckland. The new case, a contact of a quarantine worker in Auckland, visited the following locations: Domestic Terminal, Auckland Airport: 5.30 – 7.45pm, 5 Nov Avis Car Rental, Auckland Airport: 5.00 – 5.15pm, 5 Nov Orleans Chicken & Waffles, Auckland Airport: 5.30 – 7pm, 5 Nov The Gypsy Moth, Auckland Airport: 7.00 – 7.15pm, 5 Nov Hudsons, Auckland Airport: 7.00 – 7.15pm, 5 Nov Little Penang, The Terrace, Wellington: 1.15 – 3.45pm, 6 Nov. The alert has advised users that they may have been in contact with COVID-19. If you begin to feel unwell, or for more information, please contact Healthline 0800 358 5453 For contact tracing purposes, anyone who attended one of the locations listed during the relevant timeframes is considered to be a COVID-19 ‘casual contact’ with a low risk of exposure. Close contacts have been contacted directly. This case once again reinforces the importance of everyone who is able to using the app to keep a record of where they have been - it allows our contact tracing team to quickly notify you if you may have been exposed to this virus, and allows you to take immediate action to protect yourself, your whanau, and your community.  www.lert.info  

  • 0 Covid Update Aug 26th

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    Today sees 5 new case with 2 imported and 3 community cases. 1 is under investigation Concern surrounds people that attended the Mt Roskill Evangelical Fellowships Church on Stoddard Rd in Auckland where 5 people have been diagnosed with C-19. These people are linked to each other but original source is yet to be identified. It's possibly linked to the big Auckland cluster People that attended Services 8th,9th,11th August and a wedding 7th August are asked to get tested.   Video of today's  Covid update with Dr Ashley Bloomfield Average daily use of the Covid App is 1.4million over the last 7days to Aug 26th

  • 0 Covid Update August 25th

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    Today there are 7 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 to report and all are related to the cluster in Auckland. All are Auckland based. There are no new imported cases. Out of the 7 community cases, 2 are linked to a church in Auckland and 2 are household contacts. 1 previously reported case is now considered recovered, the total number of active cases in New Zealand 129 - of which 19 are imported cases in quarantine. This brings our total number confirmed cases of 1,339. We will report this to the World Health Organization. There are 8 people receiving hospital level care for COVID-19 all are part of the Auckland community cluster. There are two patients in North Shore Hospital, one is stable in isolation on a ward (connected to the community cluster), one is critical in ICU. Credit NZ Herald There are four patients with COVID-19 in Middlemore Hospital. Two are stable and each of these is in isolation on a ward. Two are in ICU and are in critical condition. These are the same four patients previously reported and are all part of the community cluster. There are now 160 people linked to the cluster, they have moved into Managed Quarantine facility in Auckland and that includes 89 people who have returned positive tests as well as household contacts. Testing Yesterday testing numbers dropped below 5,000 and DHBs are beginning to report signs of testing fatigue amongst the public. We need to continue our testing efforts and we need the cooperation of all New Zealanders in that process. Use of masks on public transport.  Making masks mandatory is based on the best evidence of medical and scientific experts. This allows us to reopen our economy a bit more while we continue to work to stamp out the virus.     There is plenty of time to prepare for this - more details to come on Thursday around the use of masks. There is a range of support within the community. We would like to acknowledge the efforts and sacrifice of all New Zealanders, and Aucklanders in particular during this time. - Unite Against Covid 19   Receive these news posts and safety alert by registering at www.lert.info

  • 1 Two Auckland Countdowns Close Following Confirmed Covid Cases Visit.

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    Wednesday Aug 19th 2:15pm - Two Auckland Countdowns have closed after people who tested positive for the virus visited the stores. Countdown health and safety general manager Kiri Hannifin says it was contacted by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service about visits made by two separate people to the Quay St Store and the St Lukes store in the Westfield St Lukes mall who later tested positive. "We are now going through our own processes, including closing both stores immediately to deep clean them. We have not been asked to close or clean the stores. This is something we do as an extra precaution," Hannifin says. An alert has been sent to Lert Info subscribers. To get your own Covid alerts register here There is no indication of the risk but most likely low base on similar situations. Just stay alert to symptoms.

  • 0 Covid Update Tues Aug 18th - New Places Of Interest

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    There are two new places of interest that someone who subsequently returned a +ve test, visited. They are Pakn Save Apirana Ave, Glen Innes July 31st around 10:09 am and Aug 8th 10:10am This was their trace app scan time and they were in there for about an hour. Mt Roskill Primary School 10-11 August  2pm to 2pm These people are now isolating. You don't need to do anything apart from looking out for symptoms. The risk is getting Covid 19 from these locations is VERY LOW   If you want the tracer app. click Tracer App Links Want alerts sent straight to you? then register for free at www.lert.info Take care out there


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