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  • 0 Back into lockdown for 7days from 6am Feb 28th (Sunday)

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    Auckland will move to alert level 3 at 6am on Sunday Mask-wearing on planes, trains, on buses and ferries is mandatory.A border is being set up around Auckland again. The rules and location of the border will be the same as earlier this month. The rest of the country will move to alert level 2 The alert level changes come after the discovery of Case M, a 21-year-old male, the older sibling of a Papatoetoe High School student The mother of Case M has also tested positive for Covid-19, indicating early signs of infection. She will be designated as Case N Genomic sequencing is under way to establish where the latest community case came from The PM says people who were supposed be in isolation, haven't been, and is pleading with people to follow the rules Click - Stuff news article  for more details. Other useful links: Covid Testing places Places of interest Alert Level Rules Set up your  FREE personal alerts and stay better informed, plus get alerts for other things that may affect you. Goto www.lert.info  

  • 0 New Symptoms Appearing With Latest Covid Cases in NZ. (Feb 24th)

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    Two cases of the UK Covid variant reported in New Zealand – including one of the cases announced last week – have reported muscle aches and lethargy, Ashley Bloomfield said. Most commonly, Covid-positive cases report respiratory symptoms like a cough and sore throat. “This is the interesting thing and we have seen this now in the last few cases with this variant, not-typical symptoms,” Bloomfield told TVNZ “I want to alert people to this, that muscle aches and lethargy [can be symptoms of Covid].” He added: “We saw this in the case in Northland, we’ve seen it out here and even our first case from this school… the young girl who thought her muscle aches were from walking around Mt Taranaki.” Video -  TVNZ Interview with Dr Ashley Bloomfield   For Covid and over 20 other types of alerts register at www.lert.info  

  • 0 Covid 19 Level changes February 14 Covid update

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    The Prime Minister has announced tonight, as of midnight Sunday 14th alert levels change as follows. Auckland will go to Level 3 and the rest of New Zealand to Level 2 A reminder of the levels is HERE   Auckland people essentially need to stay home and in their bubbles and work from home unless it's not possible. Maintain physical distancing. Face coverings should be used outside your home. Anyone that is experiencing cold or flu symptoms should get tested HERE. A border will be put in place for Auckland similar to last time. Rest of New Zealand - Businesses and schools operate as normal but need to record visitors, and maintain physical distancing. Compulsory mask wearing on public transport. Mass gatherings limited to 100people. Remind people to scan in using the Covid app. If you are well and not been to any of the PLACES OF INTEREST  there is no need to get tested. The One News Press Conference is HERE    These levels will run till midnight Wednesday will be reviewed every 24hrs Remember to sign up for free alerts at www.lert.info   This is NZ's most advanced alert service available Ends:  

  • 0 Two New Covid Cases in Auckland

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      There are two new cases associated with the Pullman Hotel in the Auck area Attached is a full interview  with Min of Health Chris Hipkins . If you have any of the symptoms and have been to the locations mentioned, please get a check. If you have no symptoms and have not visited the locations at the time mentioned, you don't need to test. Turning up just puts an unnecessary strain on the testing facilities and you will likely be turned away .                        Places of interest. • BBQ King Albany - Jan 15, 5pm-6pm* • BBQ King Albany - Jan 16, 5pm-6pm* • BBQ King Albany - Jan 17, 11am-2pm • Pak n Save Silverdale - Jan 17, 2pm-2.30pm • BBQ King Albany - Jan 17, 5pm-9pm • Pak n Save Silverdale - Jan 18, midday-12.30pm • BBQ King - Albany Jan 18, 12.30pm-3pm • Caltex Ōrewa - Jan 18, 1pm-1.30pm • BBQ King Albany - Jan 18, 5pm-9pm • Pak n Save Silverdale – Jan 21, 1.37pm - 1.53pm* • ASB Wairau Valley – Jan 21, 2.06pm - 2.09pm* • New World Ōrewa – Jan 23, 12.30pm - 1.30pm* • Hickeys Pharmacy Ōrewa - Jan 23, 12.30pm-1.30pm • Farmers Albany -Jan 24, 11.29am - 12.08pm (updated time) • Tai Ping Supermarket Albany - Jan 24, midday-1pm • Pak n Save Silverdale – Jan 25, 2.35pm - 3.02pm* • DaHua Supermarket Northcote - Jan 26, 12.57pm - 1.45pm * • Caltex Ōrewa - Jan 25, 2.15pm-2.30pm * Anyone who visited any of these locations at the times indicated needs to get a covid test  For alerts if this becomes a "thing" go to www.lert.info   Ends

  • 0 Rotorua COVID-19 Alert - List of places visited by infected people

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      Aug 12th 2020, 12:00 A person confirmed with COVID-19 travelled from Auckland to Rotorua last weekend and visited a number of public places in Rotorua. “If you were at one of these places at these dates and times there is a small possibility that you may have been exposed, and so you are considered to be a casual contact. It is advised that you self-isolate and get tested for COVID-19,” says Dr Neil de Wet, Medical Officer of Health for Toi Te Ora Public Health. “You can come out of self-isolation when you have a negative test but you should remain vigilant for any symptoms. If at any later stage you have symptoms that may be COVID-19 you must immediately self-isolate and get tested,” says Dr de Wet. Places visited in Rotorua Date and approximate time Wai Ora Lakeside Hotel Saturday 8th Aug from 3:30pm until Tuesday 11th Aug at 9am Herbs & Spices Thai Restaurant Saturday 8th Aug, 8:00pm-9pm Fat Dog Café Sunday 9th Aug, 1:30pm-2:30pm Pak’nSave Rotorua Sunday 9th Aug, 2:30pm- 3:00pm Rotorua Heritage Farm 3D Art Gallery Monday 10th Aug, 3:00pm – 4.30pm Skyline Rotorua Sunday 9th Aug, 4:00pm - 5:50pm Burger Fuel Redwood Centre Monday 10th Aug, 7pm-7:30pm Don Kebab Monday 10th Aug, 7pm-7:30pm There are currently no other known possible exposure events of concern in Rotorua but this list will be updated if any others are confirmed. Public health teams are also following up a boat cruise in Taupō – those on the boat cruise who may be contacts are being followed up directly. “From the information we have currently, we are not aware of any other possible exposures of concern in Taupō,” says Dr de Wet. It can take from 1 to 14 days after exposure to COVID-19 to start developing symptoms, so anyone who visited these places at these times should remain vigilant for the symptoms of COVID-19 for two weeks from when they may have been exposed. The symptoms of COVID-19 may include a cough, a fever, shortness of breath, a sore throat, runny nose and temporary loss of smell.   www.lert.info for news and alerts.

  • 0 We still need to contact trace.

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    It's FANTASTIC news that we have zero active cases of Covid 19 in beautiful New Zealand.  However we can't afford to let up completely on being vigilant.   As has been seen other countries you can get spikes. Just compare NZ and American graphs of new cases each day. (John Hopkins University) Below - USA daily new cases Below - NZ Daily New Cases There could be people in New Zealand right now who are asymptomatic (Show no symptoms). These people will circulate as per usual and if infectious, will pass it to someone else. Until someone is diagnosed with Covid we won't know. If you feel unwell - sniffles, cough, loss of taste or other symptoms of Covid, stay home and arrange to see your  doc.  Over the Covid Pandemic Lert Info sent hundreds of Lerts, and kept thousands of people safer with much earlier notice on stuff that could ruin their day. If you too, want to know sooner, register for alerts today.      

  • 1 Do you Like Working from home? Many people do.

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    Survey finds most people enjoy working from home Many New Zealanders have been working at home during lock down levels 3 and 4 - and it seems a lot of us have liked it.   Auckland firm Frog Recruitment has surveyed 1300 workers and managers, about their experiences working at home, and how this experience might change the way we do things in the future. They found more than 70 percent aren't too happy with the idea of returning to the office. Jane Kennelly for Frog Recruitment, tells Morning Report that people were quite stressed setting up their home offices at first, but are now comfortable at home. "These new habits are being formed and, in fact, a high number of respondents are really enjoying being at home and in their home environment.   "It's been a circuit breaker for sure as far as being open and it being acceptable to have flexible work hours." Kennelly is among the many who are working from home and said she also enjoys it. "My commute is now 33 seconds, so I'm very happy to be working from home. "I must confess, and it did come through in the survey, that there is that lovely benefit of being in a shared work environment where you bump into people and you can chat about ideas. That type of interaction isn't happening, and I do miss that. But, otherwise, it's been a very highly productive time." Kennelly said that, once upon a time, people believed that working from home meant less productivity. The lock down has certainly proved otherwise. That productivity also present a problem; people are never leaving their work spaces. "On the one hand, that's fantastic, but on the other hand people really feel quite chained to their desk." She said that the lock down has provided a tremendous experiment in working from home, and she hopes it brings about permanent changes to our work lives. Kennelly said workplaces do need to consider financially helping employees setting up their work spaces. She heard of one person who bought their BBQ inside to use as a desk. "The whole notion of working from a laptop isn't great." She said businesses will save money by having a reduced number of people in their offices and should put that toward making sure home offices are well set up. RNZ Article   Click for pushed news articles

  • 2 Take the opportunity

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    So, while you're in lockdown, why not go through your emergency kit. We did and found tins that were 3yrs past their use by date and no battery for the torch or radio.   Have heaps of thermal blankets though (for some unknown reason) but then we are in Dunedin. Note to self - need a few more things, nut bars, water in individual bottles of water, and a few other things.   As well as information, we provide emergency alerts. So if you're not registered for our free emergency alerts yet hop to it and Sign Up today . We're here to keep Kiwis Safer    


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