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    Welcome to our Feb 2024 Newsletter We hope you had a great Xmas and 2024 is a good year for you. Well, what a way to finish the year  - Yet another destructive Thunderstorm and early hot temperatures that continued through January. Severe Thunderstorms. Over the last 30 years, thunderstorms have become more frequent and violent. Some are extremely fast moving. Pre Xmas, one caused significant damage in the Hutt Valley. It was travelling at 40kph over the South Island, and once over Cook Straight sped up to 50kph due to no land resistance. Lert Info was tracking this and were the first to send alerts to Wellington members giving them at least 15minutes warning about the potential destructon due to hit.  However, only members on our txt service would have had their phones ring immediately.  People told us we were accurate to within 5 minutes and they were highly appreciative as no one else provided such a warning they were aware of. This is a classic situation why TXT is far superior to email for alerting. Click here to get txt alerts Preparing for emergergencies We'll be introducing a new tool this year.  - Pre-Emergency Check Lists  These bullet point reminders on how to prepare for Severe Thunderstorms, Tropiclal Cyclones, Wind Events, Rain Events etc, will be printable so you can quickly reference them. Our Facebook Group In September 2023 we set up a Facebook Group page at bit.ly/43nlESz. The response has been absolutely fantastic and the group is growing rapidly. We don't post directly to our Facebook page anymore.  Group posts go viral 50% of the time, which means you're far more likely to see them. Over the last 12yrs, we have had only three Facebook Page posts go viral, but we've have had over 20 go viral on the group page in just 5 months. Lert Sets the Standard in Alerting Other alert services have come and gone over the 12years since Lert Info started. Why don't they last? Usually because the time and funds needed puts it in the "Too Hard Basket" To do it porperly, it needs a huge bankroll and a passion. An effective alert service requires: Common sense  Critical thinking Speed Accuracy, Reliabilty Pin-point targeting of affected areas  Anticipation of how things could develope Push alerts are a must Must have human operators. Lert Info always aims to achieve all these. Facebook Fails for Push Alerts Facebook, sadly, is not able to be used for reliable real-time alerting. It's slow and often times you don't see posts ( you won't even know even ) and it can't be targeted.  It's how the Facebook algorithm works and even  if you change settings it won't have much affect.  Only Solution - Push alerts. - These are sent directly to you, in real time, based on what you want to areas as small as a street or the whole country.  Lert Info is the only service doing this. Not even the Civil Defence Mobile alert service can do this. You can set up your own push alerts at www.lert.info Heat Alerts Heat can be a killer even in New Zealand. Many people don't realise the fine line between heat exhuation and heat stroke, and what can be done to stay safe. Our Heat Alerts are issued when three close locations reach 31deg or a Humidex of 39. Alerts are usually just the size of a very small town like Matamata or Gore . A humidex of 40 is when Heat Exhustion can set in.       Drinking water only just part of rehydration. You also need to include salts and minerals. This video explains all. https://youtu.be/JAhvCuJNu3I Please Share Our Service Word of mouth is our best recommendton, so if you feel we are worthy of a mention to your friends and family, we can keep them updated, like just like you. Just share this newsletter and tell them to click the link - www.lert.info    Till next time, stay safe, stay well. Lert Team  


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