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    Covid Caution The change of Covid level was a pain, we can all agree on that and a situation we could possibly have been avoided. There are conflicting stories of how communication was handled . Suffice to say, if you feel unwell with any symptoms in the attached picture, isolate and get a test just in case.   The common sense action is to isolate if you have a test, till the test results come back – end of story. Sadly common sense is tricky to find sometimes.     The Kermadec Tsunami event.  Emergency Management Minister Kiri Allen gives press conference after tsunami alert cancelled. Good Debrief Interview with Kiri Allen following Tsunami excitement. From the many media reports we read, evacuations went exceptionally well as a whole. As expected, people understandably evacuated in their cars and as a result caused traffic jams. Not a good look if you’re stuck in one and a tsunami comes.  Best to walk if you can. Wherever you are, stay aware of possible evacuation options.  Our service worked flawlessly but for one image link problem (non critical- now fixed). We have never sent so many Severe level txt alerts before. Speaking of Txts, this was the classic situation when everyone needed to be alerted immediately.  We had many people complaining they got emails up to 1 hour late.  This has absolutely nothing to do with us or our server (Amazon) but the way each and every email is processed.  Solution – get Txts Yes you could say there is the Mobile Alert Service from Civil Defence and the Red Cross Hazard App but they both had significant issues as well. Even some Tsunami sirens didn't activate.  No system is perfect and why including Lert Info makes sense. If you wish to upgrade go to  Login  and select updgrade. If you need help just drop us a line. $2 isn’t much for  far greater safety, just half a cup of coffee a month and few would think twice about that. If you wish to register for our alerts go to www.lert.info   Severe Thunderstorms Again This time Waikato , Coromandel, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay were sent High Level Txt warnings for these.  Severe thunderstorms are unpredictable and we often reference the storm cell of Timaru 2019 which caused massive damage and some injuries and wasn’t even in the forecast.   11,000 cars of were written off by golf ball sized hail.    Please tell us The Timaru thunderstorm showed why the model we use for alerting, is the essential for a top quality alert service.   Individuals reporting directly to us, enabled us warn people 20-50km  ahead of the storm . This input saw 3 high level alerts sent30minutes before Metservice said anything. They are not to blame though, as the radar image gave NO indication of the severity. We dropped them a line. Again – Txt subscribers got information much faster than email only users. You Tube We’re doing a lot more on YouTube now and if you click here you’ll go to our channel, and Welcome to our app will show how our app works. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when we have another video. We will use YouTube more often so we have a more resilient communication ability.  This follows Facebook arrogantly withdrawing services to Australia. We will be able to put together information on videos and send it to you directly from our alert service. Everyone should get the info  as opposed to only 10% with Facebook and it takes hours. App Update Yes,  this is a bit of a teaser but we are really looking forward to this app.  We still have two aspects to complete but they are the two most important parts. One part is sort of working and the other  part has to be built from the ground up because others that use this ingenious technology, guard it very tightly. It could be a month or so. Then on to Beta testing. Following is how alerts will appear on your phone Green is Low level, Yellow is Medium and red is Severe. We also have orange for High.     If you're interest getting alerts  Click Here . You can try the free emails as long as you want. You will also be first in line when the app is released. Till next time, stay safe, stay prepared.  

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    Lert Info February 2020 Newsletter Gore, Mataura and Milford Rain Event This event was well signaled by Metservice, ourselves and other sources, with expected rain amounts to be in the 300-400mm range.  Metservice had their first ever "Red Alert" and it was used wisely. When we saw it come out, we knew it wasn't going to end well. However the damage to the Milford Road caught everyone by surprise. It's unlikely the road will be open till at least Friday 14th Feb. The Southland flooding was expected and we could see the writing on the wall after taking into account the lag time for rivers to rise, and the amount of water still to come from the headwaters. We did make general comments but it was for CDEM to take the lead with announcements. They did a good job.  How did you find their Mobile Emergency Alerts. - Add a comment below.  Go Bags and Emergency Kits The Southland floods graphically showed benefits of a good push alert service, your emergency plan and preparedness. There was a 12-14 hours lead time, after the initial notice from CDEM, to be ready to evacuate the next morning. This gave people time to get things together. If it was a major earthquake however, how ready would you have been? This Link will help you get organised.   The Risk of Email Only Are you getting emails late? - Compare our time stamp and the actual time you see it the alert.  If you had to evacuate immediately, but email alerts arrived 1-2hrs after you needed to be gone, how would you be affected? The delays are nothing to do with our system, but how the world's internet setup handles bulk email. In an emergency speed is vital. During the Southland evacuations, ALL our Txt subscribers got their alerts immediately, but most email only subscribers didnt know for maybe another 30-60mins later.  This is just how email works these days because of the internet issues with scams and security issues. The solution is to upgrade to Txt. It's costs less than 1/2 a cup of coffee, or a bag of chippies per month, and alerts you almost immediately. Why Push Alerts Are Superior for Alerting Lert Info sends push alerts to keep you informed, and looks for information from hundreds of sources that you won't have access to. In the heat of the moment your will be desperate for information but probably won't have time to hunt it out?  We can bring most of it to you. Sadly, you can't rely on Facebook these days. You could miss posts from any source at any time , OR  get them very late. It's just how Facebooks sends post to you.  The following chart for the reach for each of our posts recently, tells the story. You will never know when you miss a post, whether from Lert, Civil Defence, your council or anyone else. The numbers in red are people who follow us on Facebook, that don't ever see each post.   Upgrade Now App Update We're in the testing phase of our revolutionary emergency app. How long this will take is anyones guess, but we need to get this right as people are relying on us. We will update you as and when appropriate. It will be the same price as the txt service but markedly better, like an old Mini to a new Tesla   Till next time - Stay prepared, stay safe


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