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  • 0 Alpine Fault Rupture Risk Dramatically Increased

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    SOBERING READ. - Great interview   Latest crucial information about Alpine Fault Rupture probability of breaking in the next 47 years has increased from 30% to 75% by 2068.   Fascinating hearing about the earthquake gate.   We attended the AF8 Seminar in Dunedin recently which was also very enlightening.   Important that you find out about the effects likely for your area as each location will be affected differently because of ground structure.   This interview about the 75% risk of rupture by 2068 is a jolt back to reality.     How prepared are you? There will be major breakages of infrastructure. Power for some will be off for weeks. Some silty areas will see liquefaction such as parts of South Dunedin and CHCH.   We suggest you read up on the AF8 scenario at AF8 Website and how it will affect your area.   Lert Info will be here to send alerts as we are in Dunedin which is going to be less impacted. We are assuming and ability to get information out and are currently looking forward to the Starlink network being operation then. Anyone that is one that should be able to get our alerts even though the mobile networks are down.   You can register for all our alerts here  .


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