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  • 0 Frosts for many SI Locations

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    FROSTS THURSDAY MORN are on the way for many SI locations. Temps from -2 to -5. Map from Weatherwatch Map - purple =frost  Weatherwatch Frost Forecasts   Following the rain, there could be ice patches so drive to conditions.     Do you know we run NZ's only Real Time National Txt Road Alerts - Where ever you are in the North or South Island we can txt alerts to you in real time. For more information Click Here      #Txtalerts #Textalerts #Civildefence #CDEM #Metservice #weatherwatch #flooding #floods #wind #snow #Heavyrain #thunderstorm #alpinepasses #blackice #windchill #roadclosures #frost #ice #NZTA  #Fog #Gales #firewood #roadalerts #wintryconditions #gales  #galeforce #snow #icyroads    

  • 0 Southerly Wind Flow Heralds Winter.

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    Winter is being heralded with a southerly change today and some snow falls  through to end of Wednesday, then Frosts on Thursday morning. We sent alerts to subscribers for all this on Monday. There is another round of cold and snow inclusive weather system coming for Sunday by the looks and we will have initial notifications probably from Wednesday. You can see on this imagery from Eathnullschool, the temperature is -67deg (green circle). this area is usually over the pole. The bumps of cold air extend to latitude 50 which is about where the red line is on the following map indicating colder air is advancing northwards and periodically closer to NZ from Antarctica. (Weatherwatch map) It would pay to check your car is ready for winter, - oil, water, anti freeze, washer fluids, wiper blades. Emergency Travellers Kit - Have you got a emergency pack with water, snack bars gloves and blanket in your car. his is advised if you're likely to travel in snowy areas over winter. An essential for information is our alert service. There is a general service here  and a specific Txt Road Alert Service here. Feel free to check them out, they could be what you are looking for.      

  • 0 Google To Roll Out An Earthquake Early Warning System in New Zealand

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    Google has designed an earthquake early warning system   that it's trialling in New Zealand and Greece, with staggered roll out. This will work on Android phones and uses a method of detection that we looked at many years ago. It will tell you there is an earthquake coming and how big . Drawbacks: Your phone needs to be charging for sensor to work Phone has to be on a flat surface for sensor to work Only for Android Signal is required. Our planned service: Will work on any Lert Info subscriber's phone You just continue using your phone normally Will use dedicated sensors Data will be collected before signal is lost. We have spoken to Dr Caroline Orchiston at Otago University and generated some interest there. Will use our proven and operational alert service to warn people. Release date around 2023 as we need to buy units to prove the concept and then strategically locate about 100-150units around key national locations.    We'd really be interested in your experience of the Google system as the idea is great but the execution of the system is where the proof of concept will be. We hope it's successful. It seems that the app will be downloaded on to people's phones automatically by the way the article reads. Geonet, GNS and Civil Defence reactions will be interesting. They say it will be at least 2-3yrs before they get anything up and running for a variety of reasons.  Subscribe at www.lertinfo.co.nz Lert has been built on passion, personal sacrifice and our own funds. Funding has always been an issue so growth is slower than we'd like but we will get there.     

  • 0 Counterfeit Bank Notes in BOP

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    "Increase of counterfeit money in Bay of Plenty " Bay of Plenty Police are seeing an increase in the use of counterfeit money in the region. On Wednesday, Tokoroa Police arrested a 38-year-old local man after he allegedly paid for goods with counterfeit notes. The man was in possession of a large amount of these notes and it is likely more are still circulating in the community. In the past few weeks Police have responded to a number of incidents where counterfeit notes have been presented at small businesses. There have also been reports of counterfeit money being used across the North Island from Hamilton to Wellington. The notes are printed on paper which can tear easily as opposed to legal tender which is printed on polymer. When accepting cash retailers are advised to take a “look, feel and tilt” approach to identify a genuine banknote. Information on this can be found on the Reserve Bank of NZ website. If you find you’ve already received a counterfeit banknote, put it in an envelope to avoid handling it further, and get in touch with Police. Anyone with information about the manufacture or distribution of counterfeit banknotes is asked to contact Police on 105. Information can also be provided anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.   NZ's Leading Emergency Alert Service - www.lertinfo.co.nz

  • 0 Winter Is Racing In Quickly

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      Weatherwatch forecast frost yesterday but -7 in Twizel probably wasn't expected. Is this is a prelude to a longer colder winter than we are used to?   Road alerts went to our South Island Road users as txt alerts last night as many wouldn't be expecting hard  frosts. The last thing you want is to catch ice while going around a corner especially.   6am Temps: Twizel as at 6am is on -7 degrees! Staggering for April, these temperatures are more associated with June, July and August! Mount Cook: -4 Lake Tekapo: -5 Burke’s Pass: -5 Fairlie: -4 Incredibly, at 7:40am, Fairlie was even colder at -6C.  

  • 0 Colder and possible Snow From Sunday

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    SNOW still in the models.     It's that time of the year. The temps will drop and the wind change direction .    Two models we follow show different locations for snow and amounts. We will see a third model's data tomorrow as they only project 5 days ahead, but their Sunday forecast is consistent with one other model.   Wind chill may need looking out for on Monday for coastal Otago and Southland.     As we get closer to Sunday, timing, amounts, when and where will become clearer.   This is still not locked in so just stay aware at this stage.   Not getting our emergency or general alerts? Just register and we can push them to you. You'll impress your friends with your extra knowledge.      

  • 0 More Thunderstorms Likely

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    Metservice has a moderate possibility of thunder   in many places. A front moves up NZ from the south today, bringing with it a risk of thunderstorms and hail for the west and south. You can keep track of the rain at here here and the latest alerts here    Tie down lose objects as winds could get gusty. Clear branches over powerlines. 

  • 0 Gale force wind likely for inland Canterbury

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    Gale winds look to be on the cards for Central Canterbury today.   While north of Auckland severe thunderstorms look possible. They are moving NE as at 09:30am   Most power cuts occur because of branches breaking powerlines so please clear any that pose a risk.  We are now into the Autumn/ Winter transition and you will have noticed gale winds are in the forecast more often. Don't wait till a gale is on you doorstep to clear branches. Some may need council to do it. Often people get caught out because they don't know what's happening. This can be life threatening in some situations, but we can help you with push alerts for all sorts of things and many alerts we send these days are now exclusive or up to 30mins faster than others. Click Here   to set up your own personal alerts before the next alert for your area. It could be sooner than you think.

  • 0 High/Moderate thunderstorm risk for much of the North Island

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    Thunderstorms are posing a risk to many parts of the North Island. Winds up to 100kph plus hail could eventuate along with brief torrential downpours. Remember that thunderstorms are usually very localised events and people 10km apart can have very different weather.        The RED spots are possible Thunderstorms travelling east.   Following is the Satellite image showing storm cells off the coast at 11:20am Wed. If near you, please stay indoors. You won't stand any chance of avoiding lightning if its heading for you. It's so fast you won't know till afterwards.  The only way to get our High Level Thunderstorm alerts is to  Click here An increasing number of our alerts are now exclusive to Lert Info 

  • 0 Thunderstorm risk for many areas of NZ

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    Thunderstorms are on the cards for many today. They are not as active as Monday but watches could still be issued. If you have storms near you please stay indoors. Lightning is instant and unpredictable. If you are hit it can kill you We will issue watches and warnings from our service when we are advised.


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