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    Lert Info February 2020 Newsletter Gore, Mataura and Milford Rain Event This event was well signaled by Metservice, ourselves and other sources, with expected rain amounts to be in the 300-400mm range.  Metservice had their first ever "Red Alert" and it was used wisely. When we saw it come out, we knew it wasn't going to end well. However the damage to the Milford Road caught everyone by surprise. It's unlikely the road will be open till at least Friday 14th Feb. The Southland flooding was expected and we could see the writing on the wall after taking into account the lag time for rivers to rise, and the amount of water still to come from the headwaters. We did make general comments but it was for CDEM to take the lead with announcements. They did a good job.  How did you find their Mobile Emergency Alerts. - Add a comment below.  Go Bags and Emergency Kits The Southland floods graphically showed benefits of a good push alert service, your emergency plan and preparedness. There was a 12-14 hours lead time, after the initial notice from CDEM, to be ready to evacuate the next morning. This gave people time to get things together. If it was a major earthquake however, how ready would you have been? This Link will help you get organised.   The Risk of Email Only Are you getting emails late? - Compare our time stamp and the actual time you see it the alert.  If you had to evacuate immediately, but email alerts arrived 1-2hrs after you needed to be gone, how would you be affected? The delays are nothing to do with our system, but how the world's internet setup handles bulk email. In an emergency speed is vital. During the Southland evacuations, ALL our Txt subscribers got their alerts immediately, but most email only subscribers didnt know for maybe another 30-60mins later.  This is just how email works these days because of the internet issues with scams and security issues. The solution is to upgrade to Txt. It's costs less than 1/2 a cup of coffee, or a bag of chippies per month, and alerts you almost immediately. Why Push Alerts Are Superior for Alerting Lert Info sends push alerts to keep you informed, and looks for information from hundreds of sources that you won't have access to. In the heat of the moment your will be desperate for information but probably won't have time to hunt it out?  We can bring most of it to you. Sadly, you can't rely on Facebook these days. You could miss posts from any source at any time , OR  get them very late. It's just how Facebooks sends post to you.  The following chart for the reach for each of our posts recently, tells the story. You will never know when you miss a post, whether from Lert, Civil Defence, your council or anyone else. The numbers in red are people who follow us on Facebook, that don't ever see each post.   Upgrade Now App Update We're in the testing phase of our revolutionary emergency app. How long this will take is anyones guess, but we need to get this right as people are relying on us. We will update you as and when appropriate. It will be the same price as the txt service but markedly better, like an old Mini to a new Tesla   Till next time - Stay prepared, stay safe

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      When we set up Lert Info, it was the NZ's very first dedicated National alert service. We wanted as many people as possible to benefit from our alerts, and the delivery options were free emails or paid Txt. With email though there is a huge tradeoff -  TIME       The following image clearly shows this email delays. If a person's life was at risk, and this was an evacuation alert, (we sent 3 in 2019) they could have received this far too late to save them. With the Edgecumbe evacuations the community only had about 1-2hrs to get out At the extreme top right you can see the time this email arrived (15:40  or 3:40pm) You can also see the time the alert was sent 3hours earlier. - 12:29  A 3Hr DELAY Delays are now common place for bulk emails and is why Civil Defence has now dropped it in some locations but we felt people still needed something, so we hung in there. We often send over 100,000 alerts a day, but scam/spam measures used by servers and businesses now cause major delays. holdups and rejections. The only way to get immediate delivery of alerts, is with pushed Txt alerts. Lert Info is NZ's only dedicated Pushed Txt  Alert  provider. We can provide a preium service, but it's for you to decide if it's for you. Whether email or Txt, Lert should be part everyones information sources.    

  • 0 Alertable rain and wind for Sat / Sun 11th & 12th Jan

    • Weather
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 08-01-2020
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    The weekend is looking to be unpleasant for many in the South Island with another round of very strong winds possible. These maps show the weather for the previous 3hrs. Details will be known Thursday about wind strength and rain amounts so you can get an idea of timing Stay up with alerts for your area - Click Here    

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    Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis rely on pushed emergency alerts every day! Why? Because they want to their families to be much safer. Push alerting is, the most effective way to stay informed. It's immediate and reliable. Every day Facebook reaches fewer people because of changes they have made. Our social media expert has seen Lert's Facebook posts reach fewer people. The same is happening with posts from pages for Civil Defence, NEMA, Metservice, Councils, and even groups. They are all taking a hammering, and we see that in their figures. Posts now only reach 5%, possibly 10% of followers.  Luckily we can get up to 30%.  This following chart shows the number of people that DON'T see individual posts. How will you know you missed a post? YOU WON'T   The following chart clarifies why a dedicated alert service is your best way to stay informed. You'll also see push alerts much sooner. No use getting an alert AFTER you needed to evacuate or shelter from a severe thunderstorm.   When people said they were missing posts we decided to stop using Facebook. Everyone wanted a reliable, fast and most of all, proven alerting method- Push Alerts is the only option. Txt Push alerts are the best option, but we also have a free email service specifically for people that can't afford $2per month for Txts. There is however a huge trade off  - speed and reliability. This is because of Worldwide security/spam measures employed these days. Lert Info is NZ's pre-eminent, dedicated, alert service. It'shere specifically to keep you and your family better informed and safer.  If better information and staying alerted is important to you,  Click Here    

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    A slightly busier day with wind causing issues for driving. We have ; Wind watches and warnings, Road wind warnings Fire Ban Toxic algae Toxic lake E coli in drinking water Toxic Shellfish If you want to be right up with any alerts Click Here             

  • 3 Smoke from Aussy bushfire now over NZ

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      In Dunedin, if you look to the sky the appearance of what looks like a sheet of high cloud is actually high altitude smoke carried across the Tasman. Picks show Satellite image as at 230pm White concrete turned brown as sun comes through the smoke The maps showing Mallacoota in Australia where thousands have been evacuated to the foreshore. When the Pigeon Valley fires occured earlier this year, we managed with a team of two. Dealing with something like the Aussy fire is 500 times the size and would require a team of 10 people at least. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected.              

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    Driving these holidays? Stay safe, arrive alive!   Here are some tips for holiday driving   Slow: Drive within speed limits, and to conditions.  Avoid overtaking unless you're sure it's safe       Sober:   If drinking, don't drive if you're beyond the legal limit. Don't mix alcohol, with illegal drugs or medication that could affect your driving.     Sharp: Drive refreshed –  tired, ill or stressed drivers drive differently. Plan your journey so you have plenty of time, Take breaks every two hours on long journeys. Share driving. You'll appreciate the break. Have an eye test at least every two years and wear glasses or contact lenses if needed.     Silent: Phone off or on message service. Minimise any distractions such as fiddling with sat nav/GPS, or tuning the radio while driving.     Secure:   YES, Its still has to be said, belt up and insist that everyone else in the vehicle does the same, and adjust head restraints. If travelling with children, ensure you have correctly fitted, appropriate child restraints.   Happy holidays everyone   For road alerts in your area - Click Here   For either Island Road Alerts  Click Here

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    People don't believe us when we say Email is not the best for alerting. We're about keeping you saferso we don't recommend email only. For less than a bag of sweets per month, getimmediate delivery Txt Alerts. The following image clearly shows a 1hour delay for an email to get through. This is totally beyond our control.   1Hr time difference This graphic show how email actually works and why it has issues. For faster alerts Click Here      

  • 0 Text Neck

    • Health
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 03-11-2019
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    An eye opening interview about problems associated with device use. - Text Neck     Can affect asthmatics, inhibits breathing and if not address early cannot be corrected.  www.lert.info    

  • 2 Look after yourself in the heat

    • Weather
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 02-11-2019
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    Another couple of hot days, with some places getting more than 8 degrees above normal. Some places will reach 32 today (Sunday 3 Nov) Remember to slip slop slap, seek shade and very importantly stay hydrated. Drink small amounts often. A couple of ways you can tell you're needing fluids1 You haven't done wees for several hours2 Your wees are quite dark3 If your wees are almost clear then you should be OK  


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