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  • 0 No New Cases For May 25th

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    More great news on the Covid Front. Total active cases just 27, no new cases and still only 1 in hospital. Slow and steady wins the race.   NZ COVID Tracer app. People are still encouraged to download this, so that you can be contacted if you go to a business that has had a Covid 19 case associated with it. It means you can know much sooner if you have been exposed. Full information on the app is HERE

  • 0 Large Quake Off Foxton Coast

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    A 5.9 quake 36.5 Km deep has struck off the Foxton Coast.  There are reports of minor damage. Civil Defence tells us that there is no risk of Tsunami. Train services are being held at some stations for a while. Timely reminder to check your kits.  

  • 0 Rain of no help

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    The rain in Auckland makes no impact on the Dams .  Several days of rain are needed of soaking rain to positively impact water levels in the dams. The Accumulated rain over till Monday 1st June is possibly up to 60mm but still way short of what is needed. Please continue to use water sparingly. You can share this post with friends by clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom. Accumulated rain to 2:30am Mon May 25th 7 Day accumulated rain to June 1st 

  • 0 Update on Covid 19 Situation Friday May 8th

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    Today's update is encouraging. Images that give the overall picture are below. Testing and Contact Tracing will be important in Level 2 and more than 12,000 test can be done per day now. In Level 2 we still need to play it safe and it sounds like it will be tweaked as needed from various news feeds we are following. Interestingly on the job front, there was an increase of 0.4% per capita in Job Seeker support payments. In the States it's 10% May 8th Press Conference You Tube Video   Image is from Spinoff   To have these sent directly to you and you are not already on our alert service, Click Here  

  • 0 How and When do we move to level 2

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    How and When we move to Level 2 is still to be finalized.  Up till early Monday May 11th new information will be gathered to determine exactly how we make the move and when, closer to the normality we all want. The exact does and don'ts, cans and cannots are in the detail still to come.

  • 1 Do you Like Working from home? Many people do.

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    Survey finds most people enjoy working from home Many New Zealanders have been working at home during lock down levels 3 and 4 - and it seems a lot of us have liked it.   Auckland firm Frog Recruitment has surveyed 1300 workers and managers, about their experiences working at home, and how this experience might change the way we do things in the future. They found more than 70 percent aren't too happy with the idea of returning to the office. Jane Kennelly for Frog Recruitment, tells Morning Report that people were quite stressed setting up their home offices at first, but are now comfortable at home. "These new habits are being formed and, in fact, a high number of respondents are really enjoying being at home and in their home environment.   "It's been a circuit breaker for sure as far as being open and it being acceptable to have flexible work hours." Kennelly is among the many who are working from home and said she also enjoys it. "My commute is now 33 seconds, so I'm very happy to be working from home. "I must confess, and it did come through in the survey, that there is that lovely benefit of being in a shared work environment where you bump into people and you can chat about ideas. That type of interaction isn't happening, and I do miss that. But, otherwise, it's been a very highly productive time." Kennelly said that, once upon a time, people believed that working from home meant less productivity. The lock down has certainly proved otherwise. That productivity also present a problem; people are never leaving their work spaces. "On the one hand, that's fantastic, but on the other hand people really feel quite chained to their desk." She said that the lock down has provided a tremendous experiment in working from home, and she hopes it brings about permanent changes to our work lives. Kennelly said workplaces do need to consider financially helping employees setting up their work spaces. She heard of one person who bought their BBQ inside to use as a desk. "The whole notion of working from a laptop isn't great." She said businesses will save money by having a reduced number of people in their offices and should put that toward making sure home offices are well set up. RNZ Article   Click for pushed news articles

  • 0 Are You Wanting More Weather Data?

    • Weather
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 05-05-2020
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      Weatherwatch has partnered with IBM to provide New Zealand's largest weather data website Lert Info uses this frequently as every locations information is updated hourly. This almost real time information, is vital for us to keep you better informed when weather gets marginal.  It's the most comprehensive data readily accessible by the public.    To receive our news articles straight to your email box, just subscribe to our free email alert service ( we'll send you alerts as well of course) Cheers Lert Info team    

  • 0 Two Zero Days in a row

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    Another great day on the Covid 19 front. NO new cases, and only 4 in hospital and none of them in ICU. DR Ashley Bloomfield was full of praise for the effort everyone is making, and reminded us the game is not over yet. Sport games have been lost in the last 5 minutes and we are in the "last 5 mins". Please stay the course and abide by the Alert Levels. We can be the first country to get this under control.             For our news releases just register for FREE email alerts at www.lert.info and we will send them to your email so you don't miss them, like happens with Facebook.   Cheers Lert Info team

  • 4 No New Cases (Monday 4th May)

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    What a milestone to reach. ZERO New cases of Covid 19. Of the 16 clusters 3 have now been classed as closed Dr Ashley Bloomfield stressed that we still need to adhere to the Level 3 requirements so we don't squander the fantastic gains made. Currently the level of Flu cases in NZ is extremely low. 451,000 more flu shots have been administered than last year and more Maori have been vaccinated in the last 5weeks that all of 2019 If people get any cold symptoms they must get tested or checked by their doctor and please ensure  your doctors has updated contact details.   Cheer and stay safe Lert Team www.lert.info          

  • 0 48 hours notice

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    When we come out of Level 3 Lock Down, we will get 48 hours notice. “We've always made the decisions on the Monday so they can take effect on a Wednesday," said Jacinda Adern.   This gives people 48 hours to get ready especially if they have a business. Monday May 11th will see an announcement for when Level 3 will end.   So we can help more people stay better informed and more importantly, better alerted feel free to share this link www.lert.info  with your friends and family. Just open the link, and choose "share link" and select how you want to share it and to whom.    Stay Safe Lert Info Team       


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