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  • 0 Storm update #1 Sept 25th

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      Southern Ocean Storm: Deadly wind chills for newborn livestock in southern NZ next week 25/09/2020 8:26amSource Weatherwatch   Wind chills of below -10C are possible in some farming communities of the lower and alpine South Island on Monday and Tuesday as an explosive storm rapidly develops over the south Tasman Sea and then the Southern Ocean this weekend.   Monday 7am Misery Index  (Wind /Temp combo - Green Dot). Temp in CHCH is 1.5deg   Misery index for 4pm Monday at Invercargill . Temp -3.5deg  The low is expected to have central air pressure of 982hPa at noon Saturday over the south Tasman Sea, dropping to 957hPa on Sunday over the Southern Ocean and then 931hPa by Monday. On Monday the centre of this storm will likely be 1000km south east of Dunedin and peaking in power. This southern placement of the storm means that northern NZ, although windy, won’t be caught up in the main event. However the lower South Island certainly will be – and winds from straight off Antarctica will surge up the lower South Island. Head forecaster Philip Duncan says in fact wind chills halfway between Stewart Island and the Antarctic Ice shelf, over the Southern Ocean, will be -30C to -40C. “By the time those winds reach NZ it will be -2 to 10C in some exposed parts of Southland and Otago on Monday (especially overnight Monday and into Tuesday morning)” . “Wind chill below zero can kill newborn livestock, especially with hail, sleet, snow and rain showers in the mix to make the animals wet”. Comparison of last 6years related to pressure differences between Auckland and Invercargill Stay ahead of others with FREE real time alerts.  Click Here  

  • 0 Major southern ocean storm bringing gales, cold and snow

    • Weather
    • by Stuart Gunn
    • 23-09-2020
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    South Islanders: Snow and wind chill alerts as spring storm dredges up Antarctic cold next Monday We’re at the end of September and well into Spring but a significant wintry blast of weather is on the way to southern NZ for the final days of September. Storm map showing size and intensity Lert Info has already issued an early heads up to farmers, in particular with new born lambs and livestock in Otago, Southland and South Canterbury. Alert sent Thursday morning The current data suggests snow flurries are expected in Gore, Lumsden, Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka and potentially Dunedin . Sleet is possible in Invercargill with below zero wind chill at times. Metservice Outlook Daytime highs will range from just +2 degrees to +7 degrees across the lower South Island at the warmest point of Monday, based on Thursday's data. Wind chill will likely be in the negatives for a large portion of Monday in exposed areas of Southland. This could be deadly for newborn lambs. Misery Index for Monday 7pm - Wind plus temperature combined Tongue of cold air from Antarctica   Swells This may even be one of the lower to sea level snow events of 2020 despite us almost being in the tenth month of the year. Late snow storms in September and October do happen from time to time – Spring is all about winter slowly fading away and hints of summer slowly coming in. Register for personalized alerts We can send you real time alerts including many exclusive only to Lert Info. For this event, already 5 alerts have gone out and we expect (based on similar storms) another 30-40 alerts.  www.lert.info

  • 0 Sept 21st Fire risk areas high to extreme

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      If you're in an area of high to extreme risk, please check your local status if you need to light a fire. If you see smoke please report it especially if there are strong winds. Ph 111. Better safe than sorry. You can drill down deeper for your areas at Fire Risks    For personalized alerts for over 20 categories where your safety is compromised, go to www.lert.info     CHCH Selwyn Sth Canterbury Otago Wairarapa

  • 0 Sept 17th Fire maps for regions High to extreme

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    Latest information from FENZ on fire status in various areas. Some have gone from High to Extreme in the last week because of the winds and mild temperatures. For any emergency alerts, register at www.lert.info     OTAGO SOUTH CANTERBURY WELLINGTON WAIRARAPA HAWKES BAY BOP GISBORNE

  • 2 Alerting is about speed and reliability.

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    When it comes to personal safety and relevant information, you need and expect alerts as soon as possible, right? The ONLY effective way to get this information to you is with push alerts. The sooner you know, the sooner you can take action for you and our family's safety.   Covid alert sent Wed 26th. Speed is vital here. Most Txt users would have read this in the first 5 mins. Email users may not have read it for several hours. That could have consequences of transmission of the disease if someone is infected. From evacuations and Covid 19 alerts, poisonous food recalls and storms, Lert Info is the only service of it's kind in New Zealand There are differences though in how alerts are delivered. Currently we ONLY use email or Txt. Soon we will have an app.  The difference will be like moving from a Mini to a Rolls Royce  The following images demonstrate the differences of various delivery methods. This shows the time it takes people to open an email.   This show Facebook reach. Potential is 34,313 people. You can see clearly why we don't use Facebook,  it's very unreliable. The FB algorithm determines who sees every post. Thousands of people never see each post (red). It could be you. We use Facebook for non critical information.    Txt has an opening rate of 98% with most people opening them within 5 minutes.  Emails are free, but there is a trade off of when you will read it. We include email alerts as a social service so anyone can have access. But for just $2/mth (a bag of sweets or 1/2 a coffee) you can have the best. To register go to www.lert.info  

  • 0 Covid Update Aug 26th

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    Today sees 5 new case with 2 imported and 3 community cases. 1 is under investigation Concern surrounds people that attended the Mt Roskill Evangelical Fellowships Church on Stoddard Rd in Auckland where 5 people have been diagnosed with C-19. These people are linked to each other but original source is yet to be identified. It's possibly linked to the big Auckland cluster People that attended Services 8th,9th,11th August and a wedding 7th August are asked to get tested.   Video of today's  Covid update with Dr Ashley Bloomfield Average daily use of the Covid App is 1.4million over the last 7days to Aug 26th

  • 0 Covid Update August 25th

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    Today there are 7 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 to report and all are related to the cluster in Auckland. All are Auckland based. There are no new imported cases. Out of the 7 community cases, 2 are linked to a church in Auckland and 2 are household contacts. 1 previously reported case is now considered recovered, the total number of active cases in New Zealand 129 - of which 19 are imported cases in quarantine. This brings our total number confirmed cases of 1,339. We will report this to the World Health Organization. There are 8 people receiving hospital level care for COVID-19 all are part of the Auckland community cluster. There are two patients in North Shore Hospital, one is stable in isolation on a ward (connected to the community cluster), one is critical in ICU. Credit NZ Herald There are four patients with COVID-19 in Middlemore Hospital. Two are stable and each of these is in isolation on a ward. Two are in ICU and are in critical condition. These are the same four patients previously reported and are all part of the community cluster. There are now 160 people linked to the cluster, they have moved into Managed Quarantine facility in Auckland and that includes 89 people who have returned positive tests as well as household contacts. Testing Yesterday testing numbers dropped below 5,000 and DHBs are beginning to report signs of testing fatigue amongst the public. We need to continue our testing efforts and we need the cooperation of all New Zealanders in that process. Use of masks on public transport.  Making masks mandatory is based on the best evidence of medical and scientific experts. This allows us to reopen our economy a bit more while we continue to work to stamp out the virus.     There is plenty of time to prepare for this - more details to come on Thursday around the use of masks. There is a range of support within the community. We would like to acknowledge the efforts and sacrifice of all New Zealanders, and Aucklanders in particular during this time. - Unite Against Covid 19   Receive these news posts and safety alert by registering at www.lert.info

  • 1 Two Auckland Countdowns Close Following Confirmed Covid Cases Visit.

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    Wednesday Aug 19th 2:15pm - Two Auckland Countdowns have closed after people who tested positive for the virus visited the stores. Countdown health and safety general manager Kiri Hannifin says it was contacted by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service about visits made by two separate people to the Quay St Store and the St Lukes store in the Westfield St Lukes mall who later tested positive. "We are now going through our own processes, including closing both stores immediately to deep clean them. We have not been asked to close or clean the stores. This is something we do as an extra precaution," Hannifin says. An alert has been sent to Lert Info subscribers. To get your own Covid alerts register here There is no indication of the risk but most likely low base on similar situations. Just stay alert to symptoms.

  • 0 Covid Update Tues Aug 18th - New Places Of Interest

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    There are two new places of interest that someone who subsequently returned a +ve test, visited. They are Pakn Save Apirana Ave, Glen Innes July 31st around 10:09 am and Aug 8th 10:10am This was their trace app scan time and they were in there for about an hour. Mt Roskill Primary School 10-11 August  2pm to 2pm These people are now isolating. You don't need to do anything apart from looking out for symptoms. The risk is getting Covid 19 from these locations is VERY LOW   If you want the tracer app. click Tracer App Links Want alerts sent straight to you? then register for free at www.lert.info Take care out there

  • 831 Covid 19 Press Conference Aug 17th

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    There are nine new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand, all in the community. Seven are linked to the Auckland cluster, two are still under investigation but are believed to also be linked to the existing cluster. There are 5 people in hospital on wards. There has been a lot of activity in the last couple of days and with the Covid Tracer App getting a great uptake and use. There are now 1,432,000 App users/downloads833,020 Poster scans were done on Sunday/Monday and now there has been a total of 6.2 million poster scans. There are now 210,266 QR posters in businesses. There are four locations of interest: Botany Mall 1-2pm Aug 11th Butta Bean Motivation in Kingsland 5:15am-6:00am Eden Junior Rugby Football Club Sandringham  5:30-6:30pm Aug 11th Guinea Pig Show at Auckland Cavi Club in Hall Rd 10am - 2pm Aug 8th If you have been there, keep an eye out for symptoms. The risk is very low.   Video - Covid Press Conference Aug 17th


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